Sea of Galilee

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Did Archaeologists Find Site Where Jesus Preached?

Haaretz revisits 2009 archaeological discovery

(Newser) - Israel requires that archaeologists perform a sweep of any historically significant land where construction is planned, and they were surprised to find a 20-acre parcel of land along the western side of the Sea of Galilee may have ties to Jesus. Haaretz revisits a story that has the Rev. Juan... More »

Female Skeleton Casts Light on Ancient Earthquake

Archaeologists say temblor flattened Hippos in 363AD

(Newser) - Archaeologists investigating the remains of an ancient city overlooking the Sea of Galilee say they've found the best evidence yet of a devastating earthquake—one of two that leveled the Greco-Roman municipality, the Jerusalem Post reports. The University of Haifa researchers, who have been excavating Hippos for 15 years,... More »

Archaeologists May Have Found Town Named in Bible

Jesus was said to have sailed to Dalmanutha

(Newser) - Sometimes, archaeologists discover a sweater ; other times, they uncover entire towns. The latter turns out to be the case in Israel, where a town has been found—and it could be one mentioned in a well-known Bible story. LiveScience reports that it was found along the northwest side of the... More »

Archaeologists Stumped by Sea of Galilee Mystery

Next step: raise money to fund excavation

(Newser) - What Israeli archaeologists know: A bigger-than-Stonehenge structure submerged in the Sea of Galilee is man-made, made of stones that originated nearby, and weighs about 60,000 tons. What they don't know: Pretty much everything else. The AP revisits the mystery of the cone-shaped structure, which was revealed in an... More »

In Sea of Galilee, a Mystery Bigger Than Stonehenge

32-foot-tall stack of stones discovered

(Newser) - Stonehenge has some company in the department of mysterious stone structures: In a new paper, researchers are now revealing that an unusual rock formation was discovered via sonar in the Sea of Galilee a decade ago. Divers who have since gone down to inspect it say it's a 32-foot-tall... More »

FBI Probed GOP Skinny-Dipping in Galilee Sea

Congressmen's 'fact-finding mission' took a boozy turn

(Newser) - At least one GOP congressman who couldn't walk on water decided to go skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee instead. A group of Republican congressmen, aides, and family members boozed it up and cooled off in the water—one of them nude—during an official fact-finding trip to the... More »

Earliest Matches Found at Dig Site

Stone and clay relics in Israel are 8,000 years old

(Newser) - Archaelogists say a set of peculiar, ancient artifacts might just be the earliest known matches. The cylindrical objects, fashioned from stone and clay, date back nearly 8,000 years. At first, scientists thought they were phallic cultural symbols, but then a group of Israeli researchers noticed a striking similarity to... More »

7 Stories