Northwest Territories

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Hairy Crisis: Remote Town Hasn't Had Barber in 2 Years

Nearest hairdresser is a 17-hour drive away

(Newser) - A remote hamlet of 800 people in northern Canada has grown accustomed to several hardships, including temperatures that plummet to nearly -60 degrees in the winter and days when basic supplies don't come in due to delayed flights. And certain amenities are downright missing in Norman Wells, which is... More »

Man Emerges After 6 Months Alone in the Wild

Kristoffer Glestad lived out his childhood dream in Northwest Territories

(Newser) - "People aren't meant to be alone." That's Kristoffer Glestad's revelation after spending six months in isolation in the Canadian wilderness. Living off the land with a few hundred pounds of gear probably sounds like a nightmare to some, but it was Glestad's childhood dream.... More »

A Canadian Lake Has Fallen Off a Cliff

Rain, warming temperatures melted ice headwalls

(Newser) - In June, Canadian officials warned that a nameless lake in the Northwest Territories was about to fall off a cliff. It did. On July 15, a section of ground ice that's been around since the last ice age gave way, sending roughly half of the lake's 1 million... More »

3-Inch Knife Removed From Man's Back—After 3 Years

Doctors missed blade in Billy McNeely's back after he was stabbed in 2010

(Newser) - Billy McNeely had been bothered by back pains and a persistent itch for three years, but when he scratched it Monday night, he felt something hard and sharp. His girlfriend poked around and discovered why—it was a knife blade, inside his back. McNeely hightailed it to the emergency room,... More »

Mars Rover Landed in 'Area 51' ... Kind Of

NASA has dubbed landing region 'Yellowknife'

(Newser) - Cue the tinfoil hats. Area 51 is the Nevada military base famous among conspiracy buffs for its alleged alien secrets, but the Mars probe Curiosity landed in a part of the Red Planet called ... Quad 51. Coincidence? Well, yes, it's totally a coincidence, reports Florida Today . The Gale Crater... More »

5 Stories