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Syria Vote Unites Far Left, Far Right

In House, liberals join libertarians in opposition

(Newser) - When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday about Syria, he'll no doubt be hoping to sway members of Congress, too. Just how tricky that will be is made clear by the Washington Post , which reports that opposition to any such military strike has managed the rare feat of... More »

What You Should Know About the 113th Congress

Notable faces, facts

(Newser) - The fiscal cliff deal was the last hurrah for the 112th Congress. Now a freshly elected class is coming to Washington, with more than 90 new faces gracing Capitol Hill. Here are some of the notable names and facts you'll want to know:
  • The Rising Star: Politico sees big
... More »

Florida Primary: Tea Partier Beats Veteran Congressman

Cliff Stearns leaving House after 24 years

(Newser) - After 24 years in the House, Cliff Stearns has been booted by a Tea Partier with no political experience . Stearns conceded defeat in the Florida GOP primary today, Roll Call reports, saying in a statement that "there are not enough provisional ballots to make up the difference" he would... More »

3 Stories