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530 Years After Death, Richard III Gets a Coffin

New burial place an improvement over parking lot

(Newser) - Richard III is going to be buried again and they're not planning to cram him into an ill-fitting grave this time around. The English king, who was killed in battle in 1485 and found under a parking lot in Leicester in 2012, was placed in a coffin on Sunday... More »

Mystery Coffin Found Near Richard III Is Opened

Remains discovered appear to belong to a prominent woman

(Newser) - Richard III's final resting place just keeps giving up secrets , from possible infidelity to his bad case of roundworms , and now the unexplained presence of a woman's remains. The woman's posh coffin was found a year after the 2012 discovery of the king's remains, the Leicester ... More »

Battle Over Richard III's Remains Ends

He will be buried in Leicester, not York

(Newser) - Richard III's last battle is finally over: The former king of England will be reburied in the city of Leicester, not York, reports the Guardian . The site of his resting place had been the subject of a legal fight ever since archeologists discovered his remains underneath a parking lot... More »

Richard III Had a Posh Neighbor Under Parking Lot

Lead coffin found, a century older than nearby king's plot

(Newser) - Who knew a British parking lot would be the archaeological gift that keeps on giving? Investigators at the Leicester site where Richard III's bones were found last year have uncovered an adjacent grave with all the splendor that the king's plot lacked . The mystery neighbor—whose feet are... More »

Aftermath of Richard III Discovery: Hate Mail

Plus: Another historical figure discovered under parking lot

(Newser) - No one could accuse the Brits of a lack of passion for their history. As the feud continues over where to bury Richard III , the head of the York Minster church is getting hate mail, AFP reports. Nine of Richard's descendants have called for his reburial at York, where... More »

Cities Battle for Richard III's Remains

Leicester, York stake rival claims

(Newser) - Centuries after the Wars of the Roses, Richard III is still dividing Britain. Two cities are feuding over who gets to rebury the newly-discovered remains said to be his . Leicester, home to the parking lot where the bones were found, says it's the rightful owner; York, meanwhile, argues that... More »

Dig for Richard III Wrapping Up: Will Mystery Be Solved?

Shakespeare portrayed him as 'deform'd, unfinish'd' ... was he?

(Newser) - Archaeologists believe that Richard III could be buried underneath a parking lot in the city of Leicester, and they've officially embarked on their quest to find out, reports the Los Angeles Times . They're currently digging up a government lot in hopes of finding the bones of the English... More »

Richard III Might Be Buried Under Parking Lot

Site once held medieval church

(Newser) - British drivers may be parking their cars on top of a king's bones. Archaeologists believe that Richard III, monarch of England from 1483 to 1485, could be buried underneath a parking lot in the city of Leicester. Richard was killed at the Battle of Bosworth, and his corpse was... More »

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