Tony Rodham

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Nasty Stuff Obama Won't Say

The personal attacks against Hillary that you'll never here from Barack's mouth

(Newser) - As Hillary Clinton piously chimes in on the Jeremiah Wright controversy, Barack Obama still won't turn the tables and demand a look through Clinton's unsavory associations. And he's not likely to, so Politico digs into the litany of untouched Clinton material. From patronage-happy, prison jumpsuit-wearing Web Hubbell to misfit brothers... More »

Hillary Preps for Trail Trouble From Brothers

Note to reporters: background Rodhams may out-Roger Roger

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s kid brother, long considered a campaign liability, is in fresh trouble: Bankrupt carnival owners who received 2000 presidential pardons are suing Tony Rodham for the repayment of loans made to him around the time of his brother-in-law's clemency. The New Republic reports Tony is still campaigning for... More »

2 Stories