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Why Our Olympians Are Forced to Cross an Ocean to Train

Winter sports competitors traveling around the world to find glaciers suitable for training

(Newser) - US athletes prepping for the Pyeongchang Olympics are training in Finland and the Swiss Alps—because climate change is forcing athletes to hunt farther from home for wintry conditions, per the AP . "Without the snow and the cold in the places in the [US] where it's normally cold,... More »

Music Makes High-Intensity Exercise Easier to Take

Tunes also make people more likely to continue

(Newser) - High-intensity interval training is all the rage, with research suggesting that just a few minutes of all-out sweating could reap the same health benefits as a 45-minute moderate workout, and that's true even for the elderly . The draw is clear—interval training takes less time, after all—but so... More »

Navy SEAL Student Dies in 'Legendarily Difficult' Course

James Derek Lovelace was attempting to do an exercise called 'drown proofing'

(Newser) - An underwater training course for Navy SEALs that the Washington Post calls "legendarily difficult" proved fatal Friday for one student at a California naval station. James Derek Lovelace, 21, who had just joined the Navy six months ago and completed basic training in January, was wrapping up the last... More »

Your Pilot May Not Remember How to Fly a Plane

Feds warn about skills fading away as automation takes over

(Newser) - Where's Ted Striker when you need him? Probably not at the helm of a commercial flight, according to a new Department of Transportation report . It finds that automation has driven manual flying mostly out of the cockpit, leading to concerns that pilots may not be getting enough training to... More »

Pentagon Aims to Train Small Syria Opposition Force

Program could start next year, slowly expand

(Newser) - The Pentagon has a plan to train some moderate opposition fighters in Syria, but it may struggle to win congressional approval. Administration officials want to start small, training just 2,300 people; the program would be "scalable" from there, a top defense official tells the Wall Street Journal . It... More »

US Secretly Training Commandos in Africa

And on the verge of doing the same in Syria

(Newser) - The US military has been secretly training counterterrorism commandos in a handful of African countries, the New York Times reveals today, in the hopes of creating elite, homegrown foes for groups like al-Qaeda and Boko Haram. The Pentagon is spending almost $70 million on the plan, drawing on classified funds,... More »

FBI Trains Cops to Deal With Mass Shooters

Local cops taught to face gunmen head on, alone if necessary

(Newser) - Two hostages stand at the classroom entrance and another lies seriously wounded outside. "Don't come down here, I'm telling you—I'll kill 'em," a man shouts to officers snaking down the corridor with guns drawn. Negotiations fizzle, the officers yell to the hostages to... More »

New Nikes Record How High You Jump

Digitally-linked shoes track your moves

(Newser) - Next stop for the digital revolution: Your feet. Nike yesterday showed off its new line of Nike+ footwear that keeps tabs on wearers' movements. Pressure sensors and an accelerometer on the shoes can keep track of distance, jumping height, and step frequency, Mashable reports. The data is linked to iPhone,... More »

No Pain, No Gain? Think Again

Workouts shouldn't destroy you, says fitness blog

(Newser) - A new trend emerging among recreational athletes is extreme exercise, but this habit of overtraining is counterproductive to getting fit and healthy, writes Gina Kolata for the New York Times' Well blog . The body needs to rest—between sets, between days of exercise, etc.—a sentiment that many well-meaning... More »

Deer Love Grazing at FBI Shooting Range

Hunting regulations make Quantico safe for animals

(Newser) - The busy FBI training ground in Quantico, Virginia, is a bit of a zoo—including foxes, turkeys, groundhogs, and free-roaming black bears. Most noticeable of all are the deer, which graze safely around the 547-acre academy despite the crackle of more than 1 million marksman bullets every month. "They'... More »

Ditch Your Trashy Avatar

Businesses who use virtual worlds need 3-D dress codes

(Newser) - With businesses increasingly making use of virtual worlds like Second Life for long-distance training and conferences, it’s important for employees to show a little discretion with their choice of avatar, warns a report from tech advisory firm Gartner. “Because 3-D environments add the visual dimension, they will need... More »

FBI, CIA Recruits Duke It Out With Actors on DC's Streets

Bystanders beware: crime scenes staged on streets

(Newser) - Criminal incidents around Washington may not always be what they seem: The FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and other authorities stage crimes all over town, aiming to put trainees in the heat of the action, the Washington Post reports. Professional actors, students, retired cops, and others play bad-guy targets for new... More »

Career-Switchers Flock to Teacher-Training Programs

Unemployment helps drive applications

(Newser) - With unemployment soaring, interest is booming in teacher-training programs for people switching careers, the Washington Post reports. This year, a 20-city retraining program saw applications climb 30%; in many areas there’s more interest than jobs available, outside of science, math, and physical education. The surge could help avert likely... More »

Ex-Autoworkers Retool for Lower Paying Jobs

Industry vets remake themselves as truck drivers, nurses' aides

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of ex-autoworkers left adrift by the industry's implosion are having to learn new skills and get used to lower pay, the Washington Post reports. Community colleges in the auto industry's heartland are jam-packed with midlife workers aiming to qualify quickly to become truck drivers, computer technicians or... More »

Safety Worries Mount as Regional Airlines Soar

Pilot pay and training eyed amid recent accidents

(Newser) - Regional airlines have risen to new heights in recent years as major carriers outsource to the smaller firms. But as the regional outfits have grown, so have safety concerns, reports the Chicago Tribune. Pilots for the smaller airlines are often driven by modest salaries to work overtime, and some wonder... More »

Sharks Enjoy a Cuddle

(Newser) - British aquarium managers are going to begin training sharks with rewards and even hugs after US scientists have discovered that certain breeds of the toothsome fish enjoy human cuddles, reports the Telegraph. "Zebra sharks will even roll over to have their tummies scratched or allow themselves to be lifted... More »

Boy Scouts Train to Fight Terror, Patrol Borders

Program trains kids in terror threats, border protection

(Newser) - Think of it as Extreme Boy Scouting: the co-ed Explorers program has trained kids across the country in law enforcement techniques for decades. But lately “our emphasis is on terrorism, illegal entry, drugs, and human smuggling,” says a Border Patrol agent of the program. That means charging around... More »

Wills 'Cooked' Engine of $1.5M Plane

Royal made rookie error during training, retired officer recalls

(Newser) - Sometimes a royal can screw up royally: Britain’s Prince William made an error that “overcooked” a plane’s engine during his Royal Air Force training, grounding the aircraft for days, the Daily Mail reports. “He flicked the wrong switch on shutdown and overcooked the turbo,” says... More »

Blackwater Ditches Name, Attempts to Change Image

Firm renames itself Xe; will focus on training and logistics support

(Newser) - Private security firm Blackwater Worldwide is hoping to shed some of the controversy that has dogged it since its bloody tenure in Iraq by renaming itself Xe (pronounced “Zee”), the AP reports. Besides the name change, the firm has altered the focus of its business from contracting out... More »

Making the Best of a Layoff

Losing a job can open window for 'career makeover'

(Newser) - How to survive a layoff? With more Americans facing that question, Newsweek rounds up some advice from success stories and career counselors. The advice is of the usual sort—take a deep breath to reassess, get some training or more education, and network. But it also notes that community colleges... More »

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