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Experts: Brain-Dead Girl May Not Be 'Alive'

Doctors want another assessment in unique US case

(Newser) - Brain-dead or not brain-dead? The question of Jahi McMath's health status has drifted into unknown territory now that she's been hooked up to machines for nearly eleven months, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Jahi, declared brain dead after a disastrous tonsillectomy in December, was found by five... More »

Hospital Worker Exposed 700 Babies to TB

Texas woman was undiagnosed for nearly a year

(Newser) - A Texas woman with undiagnosed tuberculosis worked at a nursery in an El Paso hospital for nearly a year before she was diagnosed, potentially exposing 706 babies and 43 co-workers to the disease, reports Reuters . Calling TB "serious but treatable," El Paso's Department of Public Health is... More »

Parents Who Yanked Son From Hospital in UK Arrested

Ashya King, 5, suffers from brain cancer

(Newser) - When Brett and Naghmeh King pulled their 5-year-old son, Ashya , who is suffering from brain cancer, out of a British hospital, international authorities launched a hunt for the family. This weekend, the parents were arrested in Malaga, Spain, CNN reports; their charges may include cruelty. They headed to France with... More »

Why Fist Bumps Trump Handshakes

Handshakes spread 20 times more germs, study says

(Newser) - A good, firm handshake is a great way to spread germs, according to researchers who say infections could be reduced if people adopted fist bumps instead. The researchers dipped gloved hands in bacteria and then shook hands with, high-fived, or fist-bumped sterile-gloved counterparts, the Los Angeles Times reports. They found... More »

After Tragedy, Dad's Joy for 'Rainbow Baby' Goes Viral

Andrew Hanson knew joy of birth could quickly turn tragic

(Newser) - When Andrew Hanson heard his son, Karson, cry for the first time, "it was like he knew that we needed to hear him," he tells the Today Show . The new father grabbed the man who’d just delivered his son safely, Dr. Bryan Hodges, and both men dissolved... More »

Here's What Eventually Kills Centenarians

New study looks at causes of death for the 100-and-over crowd

(Newser) - Centenarians really are different than most of us. A study in the UK has revealed that the oldest of the old typically die not of the chronic illnesses that often fell the “younger” elderly, but of infections or frailty, LiveScience reports. Out of almost 36,000 centenarians who died... More »

Family Can Sue: Hospital Froze Grandma Alive

Appeals court rules family's suit tied to 2010 incident can move forward

(Newser) - A judge has ruled a lawsuit tied to a bizarre 2010 death can move forward. That year, heart-attack victim Maria de Jesus Arroyo, 80, was declared dead at White Memorial Medical Center and placed in the hospital's freezer. But when her body was turned over to morticians days later,... More »

Hospital to Patients: We Maybe Exposed You to HIV

Bad instructions on insulin pen lead to warning letter

(Newser) - More than 4,000 people on Long Island are getting the most unwelcome kind of letter from a local hospital—a warning that they might have been inadvertently exposed to HIV. As ABC News explains, the risk is low, but it stems from improper use of an insulin pen. It... More »

Leopard Terrorizes India Hospital

Spends 12 hours inside before bursting out through window

(Newser) - Patients in an Indian hospital yesterday received an unusual—and pretty frightening—visitor: a leopard that had turned up in the northern city of Meerut, injuring seven people, per the Hindustan Times . After being teased by "mischievous elements" in a warehouse, the animal headed to the hospital, where it... More »

Man Dies After 8 Hours in ER Waiting Room

Jon Verrier was only there for a rash

(Newser) - Jon Verrier came into the emergency room at St. Barnabas Hospital complaining of a rash. Eight hours later he was found "stiff, blue, and cold" in a waiting room chair, having died unnoticed several hours earlier, an emergency room worker told ABC 7 . The 30-year-old arrived at the Bronx... More »

Man Goes to ER for Snakebite, Gets Billed $89K

Eric Ferguson was in North Carolina hospital for 18 hours

(Newser) - When a North Carolina man was bitten by a snake in August, he was successfully treated over 18 hours at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center—for which he was billed $89,227, the Charlotte Observer reports. Some $81,000 of that was for four vials of anti-venom, which Eric Ferguson... More »

Cops: Man, 88, Shoots Wife at Nevada Hospital

He is on suicide watch after critically injuring her

(Newser) - An 88-year-old Nevada man is on suicide watch in prison after shooting his wife in the chest as she lay in the hospital, critically injuring her, police say. The sheriff in Carson City says William Dresser was arrested for attempted murder after shooting his wife once with a handgun he... More »

Man Sues to Take Pregnant Wife Off Life Support

Marlise Munoz is brain-dead; health of fetus is unknown

(Newser) - Erick Munoz, whose pregnant wife is brain-dead but being kept on life support against her and her family's wishes, is suing John Peter Smith Hospital in Texas. The lawsuit asks that a judge order the Fort Worth facility to remove life support for Marlise Munoz; the hospital has refused... More »

Judge to Hospital: Keep Brain-Dead Teen Alive

Jahi McMath's family wants her moved to New York facility

(Newser) - A judge today extended Jahi McMath's lifeline by ordering an Oakland hospital to keep her on breathing support until January 7 at 5pm, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The latest volley in the emotional battle over the brain-dead 13-year-old came as her family said another facility would accept... More »

Why Hospitals Can Charge $500 Per Stitch

'NYT' takes an extensive look at hospital billing

(Newser) - Hospital billing is notoriously complicated—and treatment at a US hospital is notoriously expensive. The New York Times highlights those issues in an extensive piece today, and uses stitches and similar treatments as an example of both points: One patient at a California hospital was billed $2,229.11 to... More »

Hospital Gave False HIV+ Diagnoses: Lawsuit

Whistleblower: I've been mistreated and assaulted at work

(Newser) - Imagine being falsely diagnosed with HIV. Or told you don't have Hepatitis C after you've just tested positive. Both are allegations made by a whistleblower at King County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, Gawker reports. Lili Hutchison, a 51-year-old lab worker, has been alleging misconduct on the job for... More »

Woman: Hospital Won't Let Me Visit Same-Sex Partner

Sarah Bray says patient's mother banned her, hospital says otherwise

(Newser) - In a case that highlights concerns about hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples, Sarah Bray says she's been barred from seeing her unconscious partner, hospitalized for a drug overdose and possible suicide attempt, because the woman's mother forced Bray to leave the hospital room. Technically, same-sex partners have... More »

Police Shoot, Wound Man Inside Hospital

No others are hurt in Milwaukee shooting

(Newser) - The Milwaukee County sheriff says a suspect has been shot and wounded inside Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. No hospital staff, patients, or others were hurt. The incident began when officers went to the hospital in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa about noon after learning that a man wanted for... More »

Chinese Hospital's Request: Female Virgins' Blood

Researchers face backlash ahead of HPV study

(Newser) - A Chinese cancer hospital has sparked anger with a call for blood donations—specifically from 100 female virgins ages 18 to 24. The Peking University Cancer Hospital says it's planning a study on HPV and that virgins are less likely to have the virus. "It's in line... More »

Fire Guts Psych Hospital in Russia, Killing 37

Authorities had warned about dangerous building

(Newser) - A fire at a psychiatric hospital in central Russia has killed 37 people, according to the country's top investigators. Though 60 were inside the now-decimated facility when the blaze began, 23 were evacuated, officials say. Among the dead was a nurse trying to rescue patients, the New York Times... More »

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