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Scientists Figure Out Why Popcorn Goes 'Pop'

If you guessed it's the sound of the kernel breaking, you're wrong

(Newser) - Popcorn pops because ... you set your microwave to two minutes on high, right? As you might expect, there's a little more science to it than that, and two French engineers have dug into exactly what happens when a kernel of corn does its thing. Their formula-filled study, published in... More »

Museum Looking for Patches of 'Star-Spangled Banner'

Bits of original flag were given away as keepsakes long ago

(Newser) - If you happen to find some remnants of woven wool in your attic—in red, white or blue and marked Fort McHenry—the Smithsonian Institution would like to know. Two hundred years after a massive flag was hoisted over the fort in Baltimore that withstood a British attack, Americans from... More »

Woman's Buttocks Impaled When Texting While Driving

Christina Jahnz says she just checked phone for a split second

(Newser) - Ouch, and double ouch: A woman says she was texting while driving when she struck a pole that pierced her truck and ran through her buttocks and thigh, USA Today reports. Christina Jahnz says she had just dropped off her daughter's saxophone at a middle school in Elizabeth, Colo.... More »

Woman Headed to Mom's Funeral Saved Newborn

Iria Wolnick delivered dying woman's baby

(Newser) - Iria Wolnick was on her way to her mother’s funeral when she ended up preventing another. The 36-year-old came upon a fiery crash on a highway in rural Texas after midnight last July 5, and her heroics were honored by Texas law enforcement yesterday morning. The San Jose woman... More »

Nazi Veterans Assembled a Secret Army in 1949

It intended to protect West Germany if the Soviets attacked

(Newser) - It would have made serious waves—had news of it actually come to light. Some 65 years ago, a group of Germans who had fought with the Nazi-era Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS amassed an army. The revelation surfaced by way of a 321-page file unearthed by accident in the archives of... More »

Unopened WWII Letter Finally Heads Home

Michigan couple's granddaughter to get letter they never received

(Newser) - Just where a World War II letter has been for nearly 70 years is a mystery, but it's finally on its last journey home. The letter—sent by Army Sgt. Myron Cook to a Muskegon, Mich., address from an army base in Europe, WZZM reports—somehow re-entered the mail... More »

It's Normal to See Jesus in Your Toast

The brain is hardwired to do it, study finds

(Newser) - Do you see Jesus in your morning toast or the Virgin Mary on a potato chip? Turns out that's perfectly normal, according to a new study by Canadian and Chinese researchers. “Our findings suggest that it's common for people to see non-existent features because human brains are... More »

Discovered: Secret of Pyramids' Construction

In a word, water

(Newser) - When you picture Egypt's pyramids rising over the country's sands, your vision likely doesn't include water. It should, according to a new study published online Tuesday. University of Amsterdam researchers found that ancient Egyptians employed what Phys.org calls a "clever trick" to facilitate the pyramids'... More »

Couple Who Never Spent a Night Apart Die Together

After 70 years of marriage

(Newser) - Helen and Kenneth Felumlee didn't spend a night apart in 70 years of marriage—including one night they spent on an overnight ferry trip, during which they shared the bottom of a bunk bed to avoid being separated, the Zanesville Times Recorder reports. When spending the night with a... More »

Kittens Survive 130-Mile Trip Packed in Box

They're now 'fat and happy,' says Humane Society nurse

(Newser) - No worries, animal lovers, this story has a happy ending. A warehouse employee at a San Diego company opened a box that had been shipped there—and found not just fiberglass equipment but two newborn kittens inside. In a very fortunate coincidence, the employee's nephew is an investigator at... More »

Woman Vows to Live Out Heart Donor's Bucket List

Susan Vieira to honor Kristina Chesterman

(Newser) - Kristina Chesterman, 21, was studying to be a nurse when she was killed by a suspected drunk driver last year—but she managed to save lives anyway. A registered organ donor, Chesterman gave five people, including a baby, new life, and now the woman who received her heart wants to... More »

Goodwill Reunites Family With 1812 Heirloom Bible

An employee's search turns up NJ descendant

(Newser) - A centuries-old heirloom Bible has found its way back into family hands thanks to a dedicated Goodwill employee. After the 1812 Bible, originally published in England, turned up in a box of donations at a Denver location, Goodwill's Chief People Officer Joyce Schlose knew she had to track down... More »

Sister Loses Control of Car, Hits Brother in Oncoming Car

Both survive collision in Maine

(Newser) - As 18-year-old Kylee Caruso drove to work for an early shift on Sunday morning on an icy road in Maine, she lost control of her car, crossed the center line—and realized at the last second that she was heading for a collision with her own brother, 20-year-old Logan Caruso,... More »

On 1st Day, 911 Operator Takes Call About Her Dad

Crystal Morrow recognized her aunt's voice on the line

(Newser) - Crystal Morrow was just four hours into her first day working solo as a 911 operator in Georgia when she took a call—and heard a familiar voice. It was her aunt, who had called 911 because Morrow's dad went into diabetic shock. "I heard her voice and... More »

'Burger King Baby' Finds Mom Who Abandoned Her

Katheryn Deprill says she feels 'pure joy'

(Newser) - On Sept. 15, 1986, a worker and a customer at a Burger King in Allentown, Pa., heard an infant crying in the women's room. They found the baby, later named Katheryn Deprill, just hours old, wrapped in a maroon shirt and lying on top of a plastic bag. Deprill'... More »

Teen Dies Saving Girlfriend From Train

And in Chicago, dad dies protecting daughter from attacker

(Newser) - Two stories of heroism and sacrifice from last week:
  • As Mickayla Friend and boyfriend Mateus Moore walked along the train tracks Friday night in Marysville, Calif., on their way to a school dance, they paused to take a picture. Moments later, a train barreled toward them both—and Mickayla's
... More »

Teens Cut Class—and End Up Saving Woman, 94

High school seniors pull her from burning home

(Newser) - Ditching school is usually a bad thing—but in California on Monday, skipping class enabled three teens to become heroes. Garen Kissoyan, Peter Kravariotis, and Kirill Yantikov, all 17-year-old seniors at San Ramon's California High School, were driving down the street on their way to McDonald's when they... More »

Mom, Dad, Daughter Die Within Days of Each Other

Joint funeral was held Friday for Schulte family

(Newser) - On Friday, a Minnesota family laid to rest not one but three of its members after a couple and their oldest daughter died within days of each other. Sandy Schulte, 57, had died a week prior after a long illness. Her mother Sharon Schulte, 76, died less than 24 hours... More »

There's Some Science Behind the 5-Second Rule

You're safest if carpet was involved, says study

(Newser) - The five-second rule: old wives' tale or science? According to a professor of microbiology at Birmingham, England's Aston University , the answer is ... it depends on whether you're in your bedroom or kitchen. Anthony Hilton and his biology students looked at two types of bacteria (E. coli and Staphylococcus... More »

Baby Born Dead Revives 25 Minutes Later

She's now breathing on her own in hospital

(Newser) - Robin Cyr heard the words no mother wants to hear after giving birth Saturday in Halifax: "My aunt looked at me and said, 'Your baby girl’s gone,'" Cyr told Metro News . Doctors, too, told Cyr her baby had died. But then her aunt started praying,... More »

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