Gigi Chao

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Tycoon Axes $128M Reward for Marrying Gay Daughter

Chao grudgingly accepts her sexuality

(Newser) - Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao has had a sudden change of heart after offering a $128 million reward to any male suitor who could marry his lesbian daughter. The tycoon—who recently doubled his original offer of $64 million —appears to have been moved by an open letter from... More »

Billionaire: I'll Give You $64M to Wed My Gay Daughter

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung apparently not happy with daughter Gigi's choice of suitor

(Newser) - Upon hearing rumors that his daughter had married her girlfriend in France, Cecil Chao Sze-tsung did what any loving dad would do: He offered nearly $64.5 million to the guy who can romance Gigi Chao into a traditional marriage instead, calling reports of her lesbian marriage "false."... More »

2 Stories