Pink Panther

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Pink Panther Sidekick 'Cato' Dead at 85

Burt Kwouk's character kept Inspector Clouseau on his toes

(Newser) - RIP, Cato. Burt Kwouk, who played the memorable character in the comic Pink Panther films, has died at age 85, reports the AP . In 1964, director Blake Edwards cast him in A Shot in the Dark, a comedy centered on Peter Sellers' bumbling Inspector Clouseau. Kwouk appeared in half a... More »

Pink Panther Actor Herbert Lom Dies

Czech-born actor, 95, dies in his sleep

(Newser) - Herbert Lom, the Czech-born actor who starred as Inspector Clouseau's boss in the Pink Panther movies, died today at age 95. The London-based star appeared in more than 100 films, including Spartacus, El Cid and The Ladykillers, and acted alongside film greats including Charlton Heston and Kirk Douglas. More »

2 Stories