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Press Praises Barack and Fred, Knocks McCain

More balanced with Hillary, Giuliani

(Newser) - The press gives Obama and Fred Thompson upbeat coverage, John McCain a hard time, and balances reporting on Hillary and Giuliani, says the Hollywood Reporter. A new study shows that Obama and Thompson received positive coverage in half of their 2007 stories, while McCain's were 48% negative and 12% positive.... More »

UN Memo Rips US on Mideast

Palestinian boycott exacts 'devastating consequences'

(Newser) - The UN's former Mideast envoy condemns US policy toward Israel in a secret report that rips America for having "pummeled the UN into submission," rendering it powerless as a negotiator on Mideast matters. The report, leaked to the Guardian, also labels the boycott of the Palestinian government a... More »

2 Stories