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A Small Shock Could Zap Your Motion Sickness

Scientists think they could eradicate travel misery within a decade

(Newser) - Motion sickness is, some scientists think, caused by conflicting messages that our ears and eyes send to our brain when we are in motion. In three out of 10 of us, it can be downright debilitating, resulting in cold sweats, dizziness, severe nausea, and more. But now researchers at Imperial... More »

iOS 7 Is Causing Motion Sickness

Users report headaches, nausea, dizziness

(Newser) - Some Apple users are sick of the company's new iOS 7 operating system. Literally. The new zoom and slide animations, and the 'floating" icons on the home screen, are causing motion sickness in many people with vestibular disorders—conditions that affect balance and vision, the Guardian reports. "... More »

NASA Want to Cure Your Car Sickness

It's working on a nasal spray for motion sickness

(Newser) - Soon you'll be able to fight motion sickness just like an astronaut. NASA is teaming up with pharmaceutical company Epiomed Therapeutics to develop and market a nasal spray for queasy travelers, reports Scientific American . The spacy agency is something of an expert on the subject, and it's found... More »

3 Stories