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Inmates Beheaded in Brazil Prison Mutinies

18 die, dozens escape in 3 uprisings

(Newser) - At least 18 inmates died in clashes in two separate penitentiaries in Brazil's Amazon region and more than three dozen escaped after a third prison riot caused a large fire in a complex outside Sao Paulo, officials say. Authorities are investigating a possible connection between the first two uprisings... More »

After Mass Trial, Bangladesh to Execute 152

161 get life imprisonment after 2009 mutiny

(Newser) - A 2009 mutiny of disgruntled border guards seeking higher wages in Bangladesh resulted in 74 deaths; now far more than that are set to die. After a mass civilian trial that began in 2011 and involved 846 defendants, 152 border guards have been sentenced to execution, Reuters and the AP... More »

Mutinous Soldiers Seize Mali

Renegade soldiers attack presidential palace

(Newser) - A military coup is under way in Mali, as renegade soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the capital of Bamako today, and soon afterward appeared on state TV to announce that they had booted the president and taken over the country, the BBC reports. The soldiers said they were suspending... More »

President Out After Mutiny in Maldives

Mohamed Nasheed hands over power to vice president

(Newser) - A police mutiny has pushed Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed to resign, less than four years after he became the first democratically elected leader of the Indian Ocean island nation. Opposition protests erupted weeks ago after Nasheed arrested a judge who, he claimed, was still under the control of previous leader... More »

Alaska's Legislature Overrides Palin Stimulus Veto

Legislature barely hits rare 75% consensus

(Newser) - Alaska’s legislature voted yesterday to override Sarah Palin’s veto of $28 million in stimulus cash to defray energy costs, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Such an override requires the support of 75% of votes; the measure passed by a hair. “Instead of being the last state in... More »

Georgia Ends Coup, Russia Cries Foul

Government withdraws earlier claims of Moscow-backed coup

(Newser) - The Georgian government claims to have crushed an army mutiny at a base near the capital Tbilisi, but it backed away from earlier claims that Russia was backing a coup aimed at ousting or assassinating President Mikheil Saakashvili. The plot organizer has been arrested and several others remain at large.... More »

Mass Grave Found in Bangladesh Mutiny

At least 60 killed in border guards' rebellion

(Newser) - Bangladeshi troops have discovered a mass grave in the capital after a border guard mutiny shook the country, the BBC reports. The grave contained the bodies of between 20 and 60 officers in what began as a spat over pay and conditions and has now claimed at least 60 lives.... More »

Rebel Troops in Bangladeshi Capital Surrender

(Newser) - Mutinous border guards in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka laid down their weapons today, ending the uprising that started yesterday and claimed at least 20 lives, the BBC reports. “All the rebel troops have surrendered with their arms,” a government spokesman said, and urged rebels outside the capital... More »

50 Dead in Widening Bangladesh Mutiny

Border guards take officers hostage as tanks roll through Dhaka

(Newser) - A growing mutiny among troops in Bangladesh has left 50 people dead and forced the army to unleash tanks on the streets of the capital, Dhaka. The unrest began yesterday when border guards rebelled over pay and work conditions and has spread to at least 12 cities throughout the country.... More »

Iran Said to Be Plotting Iraq Offensive

Makes new allies to increase violence, prompt withdrawal

(Newser) - Iran is secretly allying with al-Qaeda and Sunni insurgents to launch a major summer offensive against the US in Iraq, reports the Guardian. The goal is  to trigger a political mutiny in Congress to force a withdrawal of US troops. Iran had previously been linked to Shia militias but had... More »

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