Obama's second term

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Obama's New Hurdle: Ticked-Off Democrats

Opposition has centered on Syria, NSA, Summers

(Newser) - House Republicans haven't made things easy for President Obama—but now, he's facing hurdles within his own party. The New York Times notes that liberals have lately disagreed with Obama on Syria, NSA surveillance, and the consideration of Larry Summers for the Fed chairmanship; they're also unhappy... More »

Cue Obama's 2nd-Term Scandals

Obama needs to 'say more sooner' to prevent disaster: Dana Milbank

(Newser) - It's all begun, and it's no big surprise to Dana Milbank: "Four months into a fresh four years, President Obama is already assuming the familiar crouch of a scandal-struck second-termer," Milbank writes in the Washington Post . Yesterday saw Obama taking just one question from American media... More »

Cheney: Obama Cabinet Picks 'Second Rate'

That means you, Kerry, Brennan, Hagel

(Newser) - One guy not real thrilled with President Obama's second-term Cabinet picks? Dick Cheney. And the onetime veep isn't exactly being shy about it, telling a group of Wyoming Republicans last night that the president's choices for his national security team were "dismal," and that "... More »

Obama Is Free —From Himself

Weight of post-partisan expectations has eased: EJ Dionne

(Newser) - President Obama's first term was weighed down with expectations and the public's "illusions"—not to mention a need for reelection. Despite his achievements on health care, two wars, and the economy, he couldn't solve "our national political distemper," writes EJ Dionne in the... More »

You Won't Remember Today's Speech

Inaugural speeches nearly always forgettable: David Frum

(Newser) - Planning to watch President Obama's speech today? Don't get your hopes up. After all, how many inaugural speeches can we remember from the entirety of American history? Just a handful of lines from a few addresses, writes David Frum at CNN . That's in part because presidents use... More »

Obama's Inaugural Address: Don't Expect Specifics

He'll emphasize 'founding values,' get to agenda in State of the Union

(Newser) - President Obama will take to the mic at noon today to share his vision for the next four years with the country, and while guns, immigration, and other big issues loom, those tuning in should expect generalities rather than details. The AP spoke with aides who say there's no... More »

Today's Inauguration Timeline

Crowd of up to 800K expected to watch Obama take oath

(Newser) - Today, President Obama will become just the 17th president to deliver a second inaugural address and a crowd of up to 800,000 is expected to watch him take the oath of office—though the real inauguration happened yesterday . A guide to today's events, as per Reuters and the... More »

David Plouffe: Immigration Reform Will Happen

But gun control will be a 'hard battle'

(Newser) - David Plouffe today sounded bullish on immigration reform, saying "there's no reason" that "it shouldn't pass," and adding, "this is the moment." He was less sure on gun control, Politico reports, saying "it is going to be a hard battle," but... More »

Obama Sworn In for 2nd Term

Takes oath of office just before noon

(Newser) - President Obama has been sworn in for a second four-year term. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office today at 11:55am in the Blue Room of the White House. First lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and a few reporters witnessed the ceremony. Obama will take... More »

Obama's Inauguration Is Today

That whole inaugural party tomorrow is a re-enactment

(Newser) - Washington is still putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's every-four-years inauguration party, but it'll be a day late: President Obama will quietly be sworn in for a second term today, due to a Constitutional quirk that mandates that the commander in chief be sworn in at noon on... More »

EPA Head Lisa Jackson Stepping Down

Jackson's tenure marked by big fights with Republicans

(Newser) - The Obama administration's chief environmental watchdog, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, is stepping down after a nearly four-year tenure marked by high-profile brawls over global warming pollution, the Keystone XL oil pipeline, new controls on coal-fired plants, and several other hot-button issues that affect the nation's economy and people'... More »

Obama Now Faces the '2nd-Term Curse'

Ever since George Washington, it's been a tough 4 years

(Newser) - The election is in the bag, but the fight isn't over for President Obama. Now he must fend off the so-called "second-term curse" that has dogged presidents from George Washington to George W, writes Adam Clymer in the New York Times . Washington faced protests over a post-Revolutionary War... More »

What's Next, Obama?

Obama's 2nd term: fiscal cliffs, tax hikes, climate change, and Iran

(Newser) - Now that we know who'll be at the helm, the big question is what will the next four years look like? Here's a roundup of how some think President Obama's second term could or should shape up:
  • Not surprisingly, there's lots of chatter about Obama's
... More »

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