Savita Halappanavar

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Ireland to OK Abortion to Save Mom's Life

Church attacks proposed abortion bill

(Newser) - Ireland is taking a fresh look at its abortion laws after the death of a woman denied a potentially life-saving abortion . The government has pledged to bring in a law that will allow women to have an abortion if their lives are in danger, including, controversially, from their own threats... More »

Ireland Promises 'Clarity' on Abortion After Woman's Death

Government to spell out when a woman's life takes precedence

(Newser) - Ireland's government today promised to bring "legal clarity" to the nation's strict anti-abortion laws after an Indian woman's high-profile death , reports Reuters . Savita Halappanavar, 31, died of blood poisoning in a Galway hospital after doctors refused her request to terminate her failing pregnancy. They said they... More »

2 Stories