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Dear White People, 'Please Don't Shoot Me'

Eugene Robinson has to ask out of desperation

(Newser) - First George Zimmerman. Now Michael Dunn , who escaped a murder charge after killing a black teenager who was playing music loudly. The killing of black men in America doesn't seem to faze the nation, so Eugene Robinson is resorting to this plea: "Please don't shoot me,"... More »

Man Who Shot Kid Over Loud Music: 'I'm the Victim'

Michael Dunn also compares himself to rape victim in phone calls

(Newser) - Michael Dunn, the man who is going to jail over killing an apparently unarmed teen in an argument over loud music , appears like he's aiming to be even less popular than George Zimmerman . In jailhouse phone calls Dunn made soon after shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis but just released by... More »

'Loud Music' Killer Is Going to Jail; Is That Enough?

What Michael Dunn's murder mistrial says about race in America

(Newser) - Michael Dunn, the man who shot 17-year-old Jordan Davis over music he believed was too loud, is going to prison , likely for the rest of his life. But the jury didn't convict him of murder, which has left a bad taste in many people's mouths. Has justice been... More »

Man Who Shot Teen May Invoke 'Stand Your Ground'

There's 'no comparisons' to Trayvon Martin, his lawyer says

(Newser) - The man accused of killing an unarmed teen after an argument over loud music in a parking lot may invoke Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, his lawyer says. But "there are no comparisons to the Trayvon Martin situation," where the same defense was used, she adds,... More »

Cops: Teen Fatally Shot Over Loud Music

Man accused of shooting 17-year-old, driving off

(Newser) - A Florida teenager is dead, and authorities say it's all because of an argument over loud music. Police say Michael David Dunn, 45, who was in town for his son's wedding Friday, pulled into a convenience store parking lot with his girlfriend and asked Jordan Russell Davis, 17,... More »

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