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Vinokourov Scandal Rocks Tour Riders

If you can't trust him, the event is doomed, Brit rider cautions

(Newser) - Cycling darling Alexander Vinokourov was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France yesterday after testing positive for an illicit blood transfusion. The Kazakh had won two stages of the race and climbed to the 23rd spot after crashing in the fifth stage. He denied doing anything illegal and indicated... More »

Suspicion Dogs Tour Leader

Brit rider accuses Rasmussen of dodging anti-doping officials

(Newser) - Tour de France leader Michael Rasmussen is "shrouded in suspicion" for failing to tell officials where he was during anti-doping tests, claims Brit cyclist David Millar. "It is unacceptable of a rider of his stature and responsibility," said Millar, who was himself once chastised for using performance... More »

2 Stories