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America Has a New No. 2 Soda, and It's Not Diet

Pepsi overtakes Diet Coke as soda sales by volume continue to fall

(Newser) - One small slide for Diet Coke, one giant leap for Pepsi? While Coke has retained its crown, Pepsi has replaced Diet Coke as the second-most consumed soda in the US by volume. According to 2014 industry data via Beverage Digest, both actually saw volume fall, but Pepsi's 1.8%... More »

Coke, a Healthy Drink? Experts Working With Coke Say Yes

Dieticians promote drink in online blitz last month

(Newser) - Coca-Cola may be fun to drink, but is it healthy? Despite warnings linking sugary drinks to illness , several nutrition and fitness experts suggested last month that it's OK to down a mini-can of Coke or other soda. These experts also work with and may be paid by Coca-Cola, the... More »

Soda Could Cause Earlier Menstruation

Sugary drinks linked to first periods 2.7 months ahead: study

(Newser) - Scientists have previously observed that girls are having their first periods earlier than they once did, and a new study offers a possible reason: sugary beverages like soda. Researchers studied 5,583 US children between 1996 and 2001; they found that girls ages nine to 14 who downed an average... More »

Soda Ages Our Cells as Much as Smoking

Study: 20 ounces a day associated with 4.6 years of aging

(Newser) - Drink a 20-ounce soda daily, and you may be causing your cells to age as much as they would if you smoked, a study suggests. Researchers investigated DNA from 5,309 adults, focusing on telomeres, the caps on the ends of our cells' chromosomes, Time reports. They found that drinking... More »

Soda Giants: You Drink Too Many Calories—From Soda

Big 3 promise 20% cut by 2025

(Newser) - Even America's soda-makers agree that people are getting too many calories from their products, and the biggest three have now pledged to cut calorie consumption by a fifth by 2025. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group won't actually be reducing the number of calories their products contain,... More »

The Solution to Your Soda Habit: 12K Steps

Fights negative effects of fructose: study

(Newser) - Drinking a lot of soda packed with high-fructose corn syrup is, of course, not a healthy choice—but its ill effects aren't so hard to fight. A study's recommendation: Walk more, the New York Times reports. In a study out this month , a researcher had two groups of... More »

Starbucks Unveils 'Healthy,' Hand-Made Sodas

Coffee titan wants you to drink a nice root beer ... with lunch

(Newser) - Starting tomorrow, Starbucks across the sunbelt states will offer a new drink that's—get this—carbonated, USA Today reports. Baristas will be making Fizzio Handcrafted Sodas at rather noisy machines (that add ambiance, not annoyance, apparently) in ginger ale, lemon ale, and root beer flavors. They'll be caffeine-free,... More »

California May Require Warning Labels on Soda

Bill would make it the first state to do so

(Newser) - You've seen them on cigarettes and alcohol, but now Californians might see warning labels on soda. A new bill requiring warnings on sugary drinks in the state was introduced today. The labels would warn about the risks of obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. According to the Los Angeles Times ... More »

Coming Soon: Coke in a Keurig Pod

You'll soon be able to make soda at home

(Newser) - Could this be Coke's way of getting back at SodaStream ? The beverage company has announced you'll soon be able to make Coca-Cola from the comfort of your own home via a new Keurig-like soda machine, Quartz reports. The brand just bought up 10% of Green Mountain Coffee... More »

Study Reveals Just How Sick Sugar Can Make Us

Get 25% of calories from added sugar, see triple the risk of heart disease death

(Newser) - When it comes to sugar, Americans need to be a lot more careful, a study finds. Even two cans of soda a day can significantly boost the risk of death from heart disease. If a quarter of your daily caloric intake comes from added sugar—in processed foods, for instance—... More »

Soda Industry Saver: Asian Melon?

Monk fruit from China is a natural sweetener, but it's expensive

(Newser) - A green fruit from China is being hailed as a potential savior for the soda industry. Diet-soda sales in particular have been in sharp decline of late, the Wall Street Journal reports, thanks in part to the debate raging around artificial sweetener aspartame and to the bitter aftertaste of natural... More »

A New Hangover Cure?

Sprite helps get rid of headache-causing chemical: study

(Newser) - Next time you're fumbling for a hangover cure, you might want to reach for a bottle of soda. Researchers in China have found that Sprite beats a pain-relieving Chinese hemp tea at giving you a post-alcohol lift. Why? Popular Science begins the explanation with a primer: Your body processes... More »

Animals Are Having an Obesity Crisis, Too

Does that mean lifestyle isn't the only cause?

(Newser) - Americans aren't the only ones getting fatter—our animals are also growing overweight, reports Pro Publica . And it isn't just pets and lab animals piling on the pounds (though they are; the likelihood of chimps living with or near humans being obese increased tenfold between 1985 and 2005):... More »

Why We Need to Jack the Bottle Deposit

Figure hasn't nearly increased with inflation

(Newser) - The goals of health advocates and environmental activists don't always mesh, notes Daniel Engber at Slate : For instance, while health experts would tell you to go for smaller soda bottles to prevent downing too much, eco-warriors would prefer you to buy bigger bottles and save packaging. But Engber has... More »

3 Extra Sodas Per Day Can Kill You

Study shows that a "safe" diet is not so safe

(Newser) - A steady diet of sodas could hinder your ability to reproduce or even shorten your life, if lab mice are any indication. Researchers at the University of Utah gave mice a diet of 25% sugar—equivalent to three extra sodas per day in people—and found the males less likely... More »

This Exists: Cola-Flavored Wine

The French are selling it ... but you can make your own

(Newser) - Quelle horreur! A French producer is attempting to woo the "Pepsi generation" by giving red wine a cola flavor. The segment of Châteaux en Bordeaux that has introduced the drink is keeping things pretty youthful, from the price tag (less than $4 a bottle) to the name (Rouge... More »

Soda as Bad for Your Teeth as Meth

Study found "almost identical" tooth damage in one case

(Newser) - A severe soda addiction can be as terrible for your teeth as a meth or crack habit, according to a case study in General Dentistry spotted by NPR . Study author Mohamed Bassiouny says he noticed the frightening similarities during his 20 years treating dental patients at Philadelphia and Appalachia clinics.... More »

Sugary Drinks Responsible for 180K Deaths ... Per Year

25K of those were obese Americans

(Newser) - As the soda wars rage across the country, a new study finds that 1% of deaths of obese adults around the world can be blamed on sugary drinks, USA Today reports. That tallied up to 180,000 obesity-related deaths linked to an over-consumption of sweetened beverages in 2010; the figure... More »

Food Stamps Shouldn't Pay for Junk Food

Congress needs to change the rules: Charles Lane

(Newser) - The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, you'll notice, has the word "nutrition" in the title. So why is it that SNAP debit cards, aka food stamps, can be used to purchase such decidedly non-nutritious items as Cheetos and Fanta orange soda? The Agriculture Department itself states, on its website,... More »

Mississippi to Cities: No Banning Sodas

'Anti-Bloomberg bill' will stop counties passing their own NYC-style food laws

(Newser) - You're going to have to pry 22-ounce sodas from Mississippians' chubby, dead hands, because the most obese state in the union has passed a bill to ban its towns and counties from regulating portion sizes, requiring posted calorie counts, or yanking toys from kids' meals, reports NPR . In a... More »

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