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Pharaoh's Ancient Chapel Found in Egypt

It was built by Nectanebo I, of the last native dynasty before Alexander the Great

(Newser) - Researchers have made an impressive find in Cairo: part of a chapel built by a pharaoh some 2,300 years ago, reports. That pharaoh was King Nectanebo I, whose reign lasted from 379 to 360 BC, reports. The chapel, part of a temple site in the... More »

Egypt to Build Shiny New $66B Capital

Reported goal is to ease congestion in Cairo—but at least one critic has his doubts

(Newser) - Cairo has served as Egypt's capital for more than a millennium, but its long run may be ending: The Egyptian government announced plans Friday for a new capital right next door that would take seven years and $45 billion just for the first stage, the AP reports. Egypt's... More »

'Priceless' Gold Coins Found in Record Israel Haul

Israeli diving club at first thought the coins were toy versions

(Newser) - Many divers search long and hard for sunken treasure, but an Israeli diving club out for a recent dive in their local harbor struck literal gold by chance: 2,000 priceless gold coins that had been sitting on the seabed for about 1,000 years, the largest stash of gold... More »

King Tut's Iconic Mask Breaks, 'Fix' Is Even Worse

Beard reportedly knocked off in cleaning mishap is shoddily reset with epoxy

(Newser) - What do you do if someone accidentally damages one of the world's most famous artifacts under your charge at the Egyptian Museum? Do you a) report it to the nation's antiquities ministry to ensure it's properly repaired by specialists, or b) frantically call your husband so he... More »

Mob Sex Assaults Mar Egypt's Inauguration

Seven men arrested after graphic video

(Newser) - As crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square yesterday celebrated the election victory of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, things turned ugly: Mobs sexually assaulted at least five women, CNN reports. Graphic video of one attack shows a woman stripped and bloodied, facing continued attacks even as police take her to their vehicle. Seven... More »

'Horrific Here': Egypt Death Toll Passes 500

More protest marches planned for today

(Newser) - Egypt is bracing for yet more violence today. The Muslim Brotherhood has called for protest marches in Cairo, and hundreds already are marching in Alexandria, reports Reuters . Meanwhile, the government has raised the official death toll to 525 and the injury count to about 3,700, reports the AP , but... More »

Egypt Unravels: VP ElBaradei Quits in Protest

Security forces stage deadly raids; toll hits 149

(Newser) - It's been a bloody, chaotic day in Egypt:
  • Security forces raided two pro-Mohamed Morsi protest camps in Cairo, and reports of casualties are rising quickly. The country's health ministry now says 149 are dead and about 1,400 injured in Cairo and elsewhere, reports AP . The Muslim Brotherhood
... More »

Egypt Sets Trial for Brotherhood Bosses

McCain, Graham head to Cairo as demonstrations continue

(Newser) - A month after Mohamed Morsi was driven from power in Egypt, three leading Muslim Brotherhood figures face an impending trial. A Cairo court ruling yesterday will send Brotherhood supreme guide Mohammed Badie, deputy Khairat al-Shater, and top official Mohamed Bayoumi to court on Aug. 25 for allegedly inciting the killing... More »

Dozens Dead in Egypt Protests

Military opens fire on supporters of Muslim Brotherhood

(Newser) - Those slim hopes that Egypt would get through the ouster of Mohamed Morsi without anymore major violence came to a quick end overnight. The military opened fired on Morsi supporters in Cairo before dawn, leaving dozens dead, reports Reuters . Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood estimates at least 70 people were killed.... More »

US to Egypt: Release Morsi

Echoes Germany's calls to Egyptian military

(Newser) - The US has joined in calls for the release of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Earlier today, Germany called for "an end to the restrictions on Mr Morsi's whereabouts," reports GlobalPost . When asked if the US supports Germany's position, a US State Department spokesperson said it... More »

Egypt Orders Arrest of Brotherhood Leader

Warrants out for Mohammed Badie, 9 others, after 51 die

(Newser) - The leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, is a wanted man. The Egyptian prosecutor's office has ordered his arrest, along with the arrests of nine other leading Brotherhood figures, following the death of 51 people in Cairo this week during violent clashes between pro-Morsi protesters and police... More »

Egypt Protesters: Morsi Is Out Tomorrow

Demonstration death toll rises

(Newser) - Egypt's renewed protests have escalated, with eight people now reported dead as crowds stormed the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. Windows have been smashed and some demonstrators threw gasoline bombs, the AP reports, taking furniture and documents away with them. Countrywide, protesters are in the millions, with... More »

US Embassy in Cairo Scrubs Daily Show Tweet

Link to Stewart monologue prompted feud with Egypt

(Newser) - Egyptian officials weren't happy with a recent tweet from the US embassy in Cairo—so the embassy pulled its Twitter feed, at least initially. The tweet in question: A link to Jon Stewart's recent monologue defending Bassem Youssef, the so-called "Jon Stewart of Egypt," in which... More »

Vigilante Morsi Supporters Detained, Beat Foes

Protesters forced to confess to being traitors

(Newser) - Vigilante supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi captured dozens of rival protesters in clashes in Cairo last week, beat them, and held them for hours before delivering them to police, the New York Times reports. Using tactics human rights groups say are strongly reminiscent of Hosni Mubarak's regime, the... More »

Opposition Rejects Morsi Move

Egyptian president puts security in hands of the military

(Newser) - Mohamed Morsi's decision to surrender the nearly dictatorial powers he'd granted himself wasn't enough to quell the fury on the streets of Cairo today, as crowds marched on the presidential palace, the New York Times reports. Morsi has responded by placing government institutions under military protection until... More »

Protesters Converge on Egypt Palace

Huge protest comes after opposition rejects talks

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters in Egypt have made clear they don't think President Mohamed Morsi made much of a concession in yesterday's televised address . Throngs converged on the presidential palace in Cairo today, despite the presence of tanks and Republican Guard troops, reports Reuters . They chanted slogans such as... More »

Tanks Roll In as Clashes Rock Cairo

5 deaths, 600 injuries reported

(Newser) - Violent protests in Cairo have reached a pitch not seen since the days of Egypt's recent revolution, the Wall Street Journal reports: Tens of thousands of demonstrators battled on the streets yesterday, with the AP reporting five dead and more than 600 injured as some threw rocks and Molotov... More »

Egypt's Morsi Flees Palace as Crowd Rages Outside

Activists battle tear gas, cut through perimeter fence

(Newser) - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi fled his palace today as tens of thousands of protesters raged outside and police fired tear gas into the crowd, the BBC reports. Liberal activists chanted slogans opposing Morsi's power grab and the country's hastily compiled new draft of a constitution : "Leave, leave!... More »

Egypt's Court Shuts, Blames 'Psychological Assassination'

Judges blocked by pro-Morsi protesters

(Newser) - Amid mass protests in support of Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's top court went on strike indefinitely today, saying in a terse statement that "[the judges] announce the suspension of the court sessions until the time when they can continue their message and rulings in cases without any psychological and... More »

Egypt Sentences 7 to Death for Anti-Islam Film

Film's creator among those sentenced

(Newser) - Seven Egyptian Christians have been sentenced to death for their role in The Innocence of Muslims, reports Reuters . The defendants, including the film's Egypt-American creator, Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, were sentenced in absentia for "insulting the Islamic religion through participating in producing and offering a movie that insults Islam... More »

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