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Facebook's Search Tool Has Real Promise ...

... assuming people 'like' and share more, say reviewers

(Newser) - Facebook unveiled its new search tool today even as stats showed that the number of Americans using the site fell by 1.4 million in December, reports MarketWatch . A blip, or did the US hit a saturation point? Maybe it's those new ads and fees ? Time will tell,... More »

Facebook Unveils Ambitious New Search Feature

You'll be able to search the 'graph' for info from your friends

(Newser) - Facebook held a major press event today, but kept the media guessing about what it would be unveiling. The answer was what Mark Zuckerberg described as the "third pillar" of Facebook: Graph Search. Basically, the idea is to allow people to search for people, places, and things to do... More »

2 Stories