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Next to Paris, This ISIS Bombing Totally Ignored

A Lebanese doctor sees a double standard

(Newser) - A Lebanese doctor says he followed news of the bombing in Paris—a city he loves—with feelings of horror and hopelessness. But "amid the chaos and tragedy of it all, one nagging thought wouldn't leave my head," writes Elie Fares on A Separate State of Mind... More »

This Man Spent 5 Years as Hostage, Then 'Thrived'

Joe Cicippio explains why the experience didn't ruin him

(Newser) - Joe Cicippio spent five years often chained to a radiator, a captive of Hezbollah in Lebanon. His only companions were his masked kidnappers and one or two other captives. But he's thrived since his release in 1991, and now Cicippio, 83, reveals how in an interview with NPR . “... More »

Israel Bombs 'Terror Site' in Lebanon

Attack comes after rockets fired into Israel yesterday

(Newser) - Yesterday, rockets flew from Lebanon into Israel; this morning, Israel has responded. Its military bombed an area south of Beirut that it referred to as a "terror site," the BBC reports. A rep for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command says one of its bases... More »

Planes Sent to Evacuate Russians in Syria

As power outage strikes Damascus

(Newser) - Moscow sent two planes to pick up Russian citizens trapped in Syria's civil war today as a power outage struck Damascus and a swath of the country's south, report Russia Today and the AP . The Russian planes were headed for Beirut, where about 100 people, mostly women and... More »

Homeland Filming Triggers Mideast Ruckus

Scenes makes Lebanon look bad, country complains

(Newser) - The darling of the Emmy Awards is causing a dust-up in the Mideast. Lebanese officials are complaining that scenes from Homeland revealing Beirut as a nest of terrorists are way off base. They don't even show the actual city because the scenes were shot in ... Haifa, Israel. Israelis are... More »

Air France Crew to Fliers: Could You Chip in for Gas?

Air France plane makes unscheduled Syria landing

(Newser) - Travel nightmare No. 1: Your flight out of Paris makes an unscheduled stop in the volatile capital of ... Syria. And No. 2: Your crew asks passengers to help cover the cost of refueling. That's what happened to Air France Flight 562 on Wednesday, when tensions near its destination—the... More »

Judge: Iran Owes US Families $813M

Says money should go to relatives of Marines killed in 1983 Beirut bombing

(Newser) - A US court has ruled that Iran owes $813 million to the families of 241 US soldiers killed in the 1983 bombing of a Marines barracks in Lebanon, reports the AFP . The two Beirut bombings on Oct. 23, 1983, which also killed 58 French paratroopers, have been blamed on Hezbollah,... More »

Syrian Violence Spills Into Lebanon

Gun battles rage in Beirut

(Newser) - Don't look now, but the Syrian conflict might not be confined to Syria anymore. Gun battles broke out in Beirut today between factions supporting and opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the New York Times reports, in Lebanon's most intense outbreak of violence since the Syrian uprising began.... More »

CIA Spies Captured in Middle East

Officials fear they will be executed

(Newser) - More than a dozen CIA spies have been caught in Lebanon and Iran over the last six months, and the US worries they’ll be executed—or already have been. "If they were genuine spies, spying against Hezbollah, I don't think we'll ever see them again,"... More »

Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Flew the Wrong Way

Did 'very fast and strange turn' before crash into Mediterranean

(Newser) - The pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed off the coast of Lebanon flew in the opposite direction from that requested by the Beirut control tower, the AP reports. The flight controller "asked him to correct his path, but he did a very fast and strange turn before... More »

Divisive Camps Square Off in Lebanon Vote

One pushes liberal economy, the other Islamic militancy

(Newser) - Hezbollah is inching towards greater control in Lebanon as the nation gears up for June’s parliamentary elections. The Shiite group, which favors spurning the West and resisting Israel with arms, is in a minority coalition, but winning a handful of seats could change that, GlobalPost reports. Its opposition, led... More »

Slate Scribe Gets in Syrian Street Brawl

Hitchens, two others jumped during junket

(Newser) - Three journalists—including columnist and author Christopher Hitchens—were jumped by thugs during a press junket in Beirut, reports Lawrence Osborne in a column for Forbes. Hitchens “rather gallantly insulted the swastika flag” of a “Syria-loving skinhead party called the SSNP” by scrawling an obscenity on it. He... More »

Freed Militants Vow to Continue Fight With Israel

Fighters aim to follow steps of 'martyred' Hezbollah leader

(Newser) - A day after being freed in a prisoner exchange, Hezbollah fighters vowed to continue to fight Israel as they prayed at the grave of a fallen commander, the AP reports. “At this moment, I am yearning more than before to confront them,” Samir Qantar, who had been jailed... More »

Freed Terrorists Enjoy Hero's Welcome

Hezbollah brass band greets child killer released after nearly 30 years

(Newser) - Freed terrorist Samir Qantar, who bludgeoned a 4-year-old child to death with the butt of his rifle in a raid on an Israeli community, was given a red-carpet and rose-petals hero's welcome yesterday by Lebanese president Michel Suleiman and Hezbollah leaders, reports the Times of London. Qantar, who has been... More »

Lebanon Picks Prez, Ends 6-Month Crisis

But foreign policy, Hezbollah arsenal still divide nation

(Newser) - Lebanon elected its first leader in 6 months today by naming Gen. Michel Suleiman as president, the Washington Post reports. Fireworks filled the sky to a chorus of car honks after Suleiman secured the post with a near-unanimous 118 of 127 parliamentary votes. But the nation remains torn between US-Saudi... More »

Lebanon Pays High Price to Avert Civil War

Deal achieves short-term peace, but strengthens Hezbollah

(Newser) - The agreement that ended Lebanon's 18-month political crisis is nothing less than a sea change for the country, writes the Washington Post, strengthening Hezbollah and dealing a blow to America and its Middle East allies. The US-backed government in Beirut said that the last-minute deal averted a civil war, but... More »

Deal Brings Lebanon Thaw, Promise to Talk

Opposition clears roadblocks; Beirut airport reopens

(Newser) - As Beirut International Airport welcomed the first commercial flights in a week, the Arab League announced today a deal that would end the worst fighting in Lebanon since the civil war and lead to talks aimed at ending the 18-month political crisis, Reuters reports. The talks, set for tomorrow in... More »

Hezbollah Pulling Gunmen From Beirut

Political group wins concessions from neutral Lebanese army

(Newser) - Hezbollah began withdrawing gunmen today from Beirut after winning concessions from the Lebanese army to overturn the government measures that sparked days of fierce fighting. The army, a neutral player in the ongoing struggle between the insurgent political group and the Western-backed government, said it would reinstate Beirut airport’s... More »

Lebanon Condemns 'Armed Coup'

Hezbollah doing bidding of Syria, Iran in Beirut firestorm, government claims

(Newser) - Hezbollah’s takeover of Beirut is nothing less than an “armed coup,” Lebanon’s ruling party said today. “The armed and bloody coup which is being implemented aims to return Syria to Lebanon and extend Iran's reach to the Mediterranean,” one official in the US-backed government... More »

Hezbollah Seizes Muslim Beirut

Major blow to US-backed government

(Newser) - Hezbollah militants have taken control of Muslim areas of Beirut and now control all the roads to the Lebanese capital's airport, Reuters reports. Gunmen forced a pro-government TV station off the air. At least 11 people have been killed, including those trying to flee the city, as sectarian violence continued... More »

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