Ahmad Chalabi

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Iraqi Who Pushed Bogus WMD Intel Is Dead

Ahmad Chalabi helped persuade US to topple Saddam

(Newser) - Ahmad Chalabi was once a US darling who was supposed to lead Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But with his death of a heart attack Tuesday at the age of 71, Chalabi's legacy is a much different one: He's now known mostly as the Iraqi figure... More »

Iraq Staggered by Flood of Returning Refugees

Nation unprepared for needy hordes

(Newser) - Better security in Baghdad has produced a dangerous and largely unforeseen problem: what to do with an influx of refugees streaming back from Syria and elsewhere now that it's safe to return. Many find their former homes have been occupied and the stranded refugees have few places to turn for... More »

Iraq Misses Mark on US Demands

Sectarian political deadlock stymies progress on mandated milestones

(Newser) - The Iraqi government has flubbed virtually all of the legal benchmarks proscribed by the US occupation. Sunni, Shia, and Kurdish blocs in Iraq's legislature have so far failed to agree on watershed issues like distributing oil wealth, debaathification, and curbing sectarian violence; now scorekeepers are saying no major legislation will... More »

3 Stories