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16-Year-Old Hacks Vine With Rickroll

Cleveland kid uploads full Astley video, later apologizes to Twitter engineers

(Newser) - Monday turned out to be a milestone day for Vine, the app for Twitter that lets users share six-second videos. Vine became available for Android that day, but the real coming-of-age moment arrived when a Cleveland teenager quickly hacked into the Android code and uploaded the full 3-minute-plus video of... More »

Twitter's Vine Raises Age Requirement After Porn Flap

Now, it's for those 17 and older, not 12 and older

(Newser) - The makers of Vine are cleaning up after porn made its way to the forefront of the video app. Now, users have to confirm that they're at least 17 as the app warns of "age-restricted material," the Verge reports. The app, from Twitter, had previously been rated... More »

Twitter's Big New Thing: 6-Second Videos

Vine app creates gif-like clips

(Newser) - Twitter rolled out an interesting new iOS app today that's sort of like a cross between Instagram, YouTube, and, well, Twitter. Dubbed "Vine," the new app allows you to create and watch 6-second looping videos, in a Twitter-esque feed. While the resultant videos will instantly remind you... More »

3 Stories