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Math Model Helps Answer Riddle of Tiger's Stripes

Researchers can better explain why they're vertical or horizontal

(Newser) - Since the 1950s mathematicians have been trying to sort out exactly why some animals, like tigers and zebras, have stripes that are oriented perpendicularly to their spines, while others, like the zebrafish, have stripes that are parallel. Now Harvard researchers are proposing a mathematical model in the journal Cell Systems... More »

Behold: A Thought Being Formed

Researchers capture the first such images, from a zebrafish

(Newser) - Japanese researchers say they have captured the first images of a thought being formed in a brain, reports Gizmodo . The remarkable little movie shows a zebrafish thinking about a meal as prey swims nearby. Primitive thinking, maybe, but "this is a fundamental leap forward in our understanding of how... More »

2 Stories