Inspiration Mars Foundation

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Mars Couple's Radiation Shield: Their Own Feces

It'll line the walls, alongside food, water

(Newser) - When you're on a budget-conscious mission to Mars, you can't waste anything—including your own, well, waste. The lucky couple tapped for Inspiration Mars' private voyage to the red planet will be tasked with lining the walls of their vessel with their own poop to shield themselves from... More »

Private Firm Plans Manned Mars Trip in 2018

Inspiration Mars Foundation says journey will take about 500 days

(Newser) - While NASA concentrates on sending unmanned probes to Mars, a private space enthusiast plans to raise the ante—with a manned flight to Mars within the next five years, reports Wired . Most of the details are under wraps until Wednesday, but the Inspiration Mars Foundation has announced it intends to... More »

2 Stories