Rockford, Illinois

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Murky Tale Emerges as Cops ID Dismembered Toddler

Kyrian Knox, 2, was reportedly left with a family friend in August

(Newser) - Police say they've identified the toddler whose body parts were found in a Chicago lagoon over Labor Day weekend. DNA evidence provided by the mother of a missing 2-year-old boy in Rockford, Ill., about 90 miles northwest of Chicago, has come back as matching the remains found in Garfield... More »

Infant Remains Found in Trunk to Get Burial

Bodies found after mom arrested in death of third child

(Newser) - After almost five years, a county coroner in Illinois has won permission to bury two baby girls found in the trunk of their mother's car, helping to close the door on what the coroner says has been the most difficult case of her career. Investigators were never able to... More »

America's Most Miserable Cities

Detroit grabs the distinction from Forbes

(Newser) - Sorry, Detroit. Forbes is out with its annual list of the most miserable cities in America, which takes into account not only obvious factors such as unemployment and crime, but also things like taxes, foreclosures, home prices, and commute times. Some highlights:
  • The worst five: Detroit leads the way, followed
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3 Stories