Vince Sicari

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Court Forces Judge to Pick Between Gavel, Comedy

Vince Sicari picks comedy

(Newser) - Vince Sicari just did the most dangerous thing in show biz: Quit his day job. New Jersey's Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Sicari can't moonlight as a comedian and still be a judge, and given the choice, Sicari turned in his gavel. "I'm not surprised by... More »

Can Judge Have Comedy Career? Court to Rule

Vince Sicari has appeared on reality TV

(Newser) - Municipal Judge Vince Sicari has seen success in a very different field: As a comedian and actor, he's primed audiences for Stephen Colbert and appeared on ABC's What Would You Do? But tomorrow, things could change, compliments of the state Supreme Court. That's because New Jersey state... More »

2 Stories