Cyber Command

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Pentagon 'Dropping Cyberbombs' on ISIS

Says right now 'it sucks' to be ISIS

(Newser) - The Pentagon is not only using top-secret cyberweapons in the fight against ISIS, it has taken the unusual step of being very open about it. "We are dropping cyberbombs. We have never done that before," Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work told CNN earlier this month, adding that... More »

Navy Admiral Is Obama's Pick for Next NSA Director

Mike Rogers will be appointed: Hagel

(Newser) - A Navy admiral is President Barack Obama's choice to be the next head of the controversy-ridden National Security Agency. Vice Adm. Mike Rogers, the head of the Navy's Cyber Command and a former intelligence director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is being appointed to lead the NSA,... More »

Architects of NSA Spying Strategy Are Leaving

Chief Keith Alexander and deputy Chris Inglis are stepping down

(Newser) - Fallout from the Edward Snowden revelations ? NSA chief Keith Alexander and his top civilian deputy are leaving the agency, reports Reuters . Alexander, whose eight-year reign is the NSA's longest, is expected to be gone by next spring. Deputy Chris Inglis, who has served since 2006, will be gone... More »

US Spy Chiefs: Cyber Threat Is on Par With Terrorism

Cyber Command looks to go on offense

(Newser) - With China , Iran , and other countries increasingly hacking the United States, its infrastructure, and its companies, the Pentagon is stepping up its cyber defense operations in a major way—provided Washington's budget battles don't hamstring its efforts, reports the Washington Post . Gen. Keith Alexander, the head of the... More »

4 Stories