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8 Men Are Set to Die in Arkansas. Here's Why That's 'Unprecedented'

8 are set to take place over 10 days

(Newser) - Arkansas hasn't executed anyone in 11 years—but between April 17 and April 27, eight men will be put to death, an "unprecedented" move in the US, according to a group that monitors executions in the country. Nine inmates had asked the US Supreme Court to review the... More »

Arkansas to Resume Executions After 10 Years

Governor announces 4 double executions

(Newser) - Arkansas will resume lethal injections after a 10-year gap starting next month with the first of four double executions, Gov. Asa Hutchinson says. The state hasn't executed an inmate since 2005, largely because of court challenges to its lethal-injection law and a nationwide shortage of drugs often used during... More »

Arkansas Gov Won't Sign RFRA Bill

Hutchinson kicks religious objection bill back to legislature for changes

(Newser) - The question this morning was whether Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson would sign the religious objection bill passed yesterday by his state's legislature, and the answer is no. The first-term Republican is kicking the bill back to legislature for changes, noting that the bill that ultimately landed on his desk... More »

Arkansas Follows Indiana's Move, Walmart Protests It

Walmart urges Gov. Hutchinson not to sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

(Newser) - With Indiana still feeling the heat over its Religious Freedom Restoration Act , Arkansas inches up to the fire: State lawmakers yesterday approved House Bill 1228—its own RFRA—and sent it along to Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who is being called upon by many to veto the bill. Among that many:... More »

NRA Study Backs Arming Educators

Every school should have armed personnel, it concludes

(Newser) - Schools across the nation should train selected staff members to carry weapons and should each have at least one armed security officer to allow a quicker response to an attack, the director of an NRA-sponsored study said today. Former Rep. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas made the remarks as a task... More »

5 Stories