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8 Men Are Set to Die in Arkansas. Here's Why That's 'Unprecedented'

8 are set to take place over 10 days

(Newser) - Arkansas hasn't executed anyone in 11 years—but between April 17 and April 27, eight men will be put to death, an "unprecedented" move in the US, according to a group that monitors executions in the country. Nine inmates had asked the US Supreme Court to review the... More »

Arkansas Gov Won't Sign RFRA Bill

Hutchinson kicks religious objection bill back to legislature for changes

(Newser) - The question this morning was whether Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson would sign the religious objection bill passed yesterday by his state's legislature, and the answer is no. The first-term Republican is kicking the bill back to legislature for changes, noting that the bill that ultimately landed on his desk... More »

Arkansas Follows Indiana's Move, Walmart Protests It

Walmart urges Gov. Hutchinson not to sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

(Newser) - With Indiana still feeling the heat over its Religious Freedom Restoration Act , Arkansas inches up to the fire: State lawmakers yesterday approved House Bill 1228—its own RFRA—and sent it along to Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who is being called upon by many to veto the bill. Among that many:... More »

3 Stories