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Benghazi Witch Hunt Just Like Bush '16 Words' Fiasco

Jackson Diehl sees an uncomfortable parallel between the non-scandals

(Newser) - The Benghazi scandal feels awfully familiar to Jackson Diehl; it's a mirror image of the "16 words" fracas that dogged the George W. Bush administration, he writes in the Washington Post . To recap: In 2003, ex-ambassador Joseph Wilson accused Bush of, among other things, knowingly including a 16-word-long... More »

Benghazi Testimony: Stevens Said, 'We're Under Attack'

Greg Hicks says his 'jaw dropped' over Rice's testimony

(Newser) - The House Oversight Committee held its much-anticipated hearing on the Benghazi consulate attack today, and as expected, the testimony was both explosive and unflattering for the administration. Perhaps the most gripping testimony came from Ambassador Chris Stevens' top deputy, Greg Hicks, who said he'd known the attack was terrorism... More »

Diplomat: Special Ops Told to Stand Down During Benghazi

Hicks says Pentagon refused to scramble jets

(Newser) - More testimony has been released sharply contradicting the Obama administration's version of events during last year's Benghazi attack. Greg Hicks, deputy of slain US Ambassador Chris Stevens, says a team of Special Operations troops was ready to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi but was told to stand down... More »

Official: Benghazi Looked Like Terror Attack From Start

Diplomat Hicks contradicts initial White House account of attack

(Newser) - A senior US diplomat has disputed the White House's account of the attack on the US mission in Libya last year, and claims that the State Department's review "let people off the hook," CNN reports. In an interview with congressional investigators, Greg Hicks, the former deputy... More »

4 Stories