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Jersey Shore Tourist Impaled by Beach Umbrella

One of the frame ribs reportedly pierced her ankle

(Newser) - "It was just an accident," said Margaret Reynolds in a statement, but a gruesome one at that. The 67-year-old London woman was at the beach Monday in Seaside Heights, NJ, when wind ripped an umbrella from the sand; an aluminum part of it impaled her right ankle, with... More »

Umbrella-Sharing Startup Loses Most of Its Umbrellas

Inside Sharing E Umbrella's woes

(Newser) - If you have a habit of regularly misplacing your umbrella, Sharing E Umbrella feels your pain. The startup intends to do what its name suggests: provide shareable umbrellas—like a rain-themed version of Citi Bike—in China. Except not even three months after launch, it has a big problem in... More »

Flying Umbrella Kills Woman on Virginia Beach

Lottie Belk died after wind-flung umbrella stabbed her in chest

(Newser) - A celebratory day at the beach turned to tragedy after a woman was killed Wednesday when a beach umbrella blew out of the sand and stabbed her in the chest, WHNT reports. WTKR IDs the woman as Lottie Michelle Belk (the station says she was 55; WHNT says she was... More »

Latest Obama Scandal: Umbrellas

Conservatives unhappy that a Marine had to hold his umbrella

(Newser) - Benghazi, the IRS, the AP and now ... Marines holding umbrellas. That's the latest "scandal" to send Republican fists shaking in the general direction of President Obama. During a press conference with the Prime Minister of Turkey yesterday, Obama asked two Marines to protect the leaders' suits by holding... More »

4 Stories