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Cops: Son-in-Law Reveals Their Affair, Mom Goes After Him

Kathleen Davis, 58, says his confession ruined her relationship with daughter

(Newser) - A Florida mom allegedly tried to run down her daughter's husband with her Mercedes after he exposed their affair. The Palm Beach Post reports that Kathleen Regina Davis, 58, told cops she wanted her son-in-law dead after he wrecked her relationship with her daughter by copping to the affair.... More »

Hillary Clinton: Putin Was Getting Revenge on Me

She says grudge after she criticized Russia's 2011 elections led to hacking

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton spoke at a "thank you" party for donors Thursday night in New York—complete with attendees who cried as she spoke, per ABC News —and she says two "unprecedented" events led to her stunning defeat in the election, the New York Times reports. Clinton first... More »

Man Gets 40 Years for Killing Daughter's Molester

'My father was protecting me, like a father should do'

(Newser) - "He is an amazing father—actually the best," says Julia Maynor of the man just sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of her abuser. For years as a child, Maynor, now a 24-year-old mother of three, was sexually abused by Raymond Earl Brooks, her adopted... More »

Man's Revenge Site So Extreme Ex Wants to 'Disappear'

Patrick Fox said he hopes to harass Desiree Capuano into committing suicide

(Newser) - A man who created a revenge website to "destroy" his ex-wife is now in custody and facing charges of criminal harassment. His ex says her only hope is that he'll be held long enough to give her time to change her identity and "disappear" before he is... More »

Man Claims He Was Omar Mateen's Lover

He says motive was revenge on gay Puerto Ricans

(Newser) - The mystery that was Omar Mateen is still unraveling more than 10 days after the Orlando nightclub massacre. In a Univision interview that aired Tuesday night, a man who gave his name as Miguel came forward claiming to be Mateen's lover, CBS News reports. He said he met Mateen... More »

Sweetshop Owner Allegedly Kills Dozens With Poisoned Treats

Authorities say he wanted revenge on his brother

(Newser) - Authorities say the co-owner of a sweetshop in Pakistan confessed to killing dozens of people with pesticide-laced treats in an effort to teach his older brother a lesson, AFP reports. According to the BBC , 18-year-old Khalid Mahmood owns the sweetshop with his older brother Tariq, who he says "beat... More »

Anonymous Vows Revenge on ISIS

"War is declared. Get prepared" is the message in YouTube video

(Newser) - Online vigilantes Anonymous wasted little time in handing ISIS a message Saturday via a YouTube video , a response to Friday's Paris terror attacks , reports Time . A man in the group's trademark Guy Fawkes mask spoke in French and noted: "Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get... More »

Wisconsin Hunter Shoots Deer, She Strikes Back

72-year-old bow hunter wounded a doe and she struck his leg with her head

(Newser) - Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted, as a 72-year-old bow hunter in Wisconsin recently found out when the doe he struck with his arrow apparently had enough. After the man injured her and attempted to track her, she turned on him. "Apparently the man was going through some thick... More »

Indian Teen Raped as Penalty for Brother's Actions

Village council ordered revenge rape in Jharkhand state: police

(Newser) - A girl has been raped in northern India after a village council ordered the crime as payback for her brother's actions, according to police and her family. The Wall Street Journal reports the teen's brother stands accused of trying to sexually assault the wife of Birju Pasi, with... More »

FBI: 'Revenge Porn' Boss Used Hacker to Get Pics

Hunter Moore, accomplice arrested for conspiracy, hacking, identity theft

(Newser) - The man behind a "revenge porn" site—which encouraged people to post naked photos of their exes to get back at them—allegedly obtained his nude content a second way: via a hacker who grabbed photos from personal email accounts. FBI agents yesterday arrested Hunter Moore , who ran the... More »

Feds Probe Founder of 'Revenge Porn' Website

Hunter Moore boasted he 'ruined lives'

(Newser) - Federal officials are investigating the founder of a "revenge porn" website on which spurned spouses and lovers posted naked photos of former partners, according to ABC News . Hunter Moore, 26, admitted to Nightline that he started the site, called, which he designed as a place for "... More »

Face It: We Need Revenge

Justice is just a fancy word for vengeance, argues Thane Rosenbaum

(Newser) - Norway doesn’t have the death penalty, and that means it’s “legally and morally” unprepared to deal with the likes of Anders Breivik, the man allegedly responsible for the Oslo massacre, argues legal scholar Thane Rosenbaum in the New York Times . Americans, meanwhile, are outraged over the acquittal... More »

Ex-Gadhafi Interrogators Turning Up Dead in Benghazi

Some suspect death squads out for revenge

(Newser) - People once connected to Moammar Gadhafi’s oppressive regime have been turning up dead in Benghazi, giving a jittery city a new case of nerves at the thought of death squads out for revenge, the New York Times reports. Three weeks ago, for example, a man was found lying in... More »

Ex-Girlfriend Gets Revenge Via Google Search

She floods ex's image on web, with mocking messages

(Newser) - Unless this is an elaborate hoax, a tech-savvy girl has gotten a very new-fashioned sort of revenge on her old flame—via Google. She manipulated the search function so it coughs up repeated images of him when his name is typed in, each with a mocking (and sometimes pretty nasty)... More »

Size D Breast Implants Saved Woman From Bullet: Doc

Bullet fragments slowed by implant missed Lydia Carranza's heart

(Newser) - A woman shot point blank in the chest during a California shooting spree last summer may have survived thanks to less than natural means: her size D breast implants. That’s the contention of Lydia Carranza’s plastic surgeon, who hopes the unlikely story will spur implant suppliers to donate... More »

Why Women Have Sex

Psychologist discusses female sexuality, and what men can do to get ahead

(Newser) - Psychologists Cindy Meston and David Buss, authors of the 2007 study “Why Humans Have Sex,” have completed a second go-round, this time focused on women only. They come up with 237 reasons, and though they're not enumerated in the article, Time asks Buss for some highlights:
  • Besides sexual
... More »

Pakistan Army Likely Behind Widespread Swat Killings

Military says deaths due to locals settling scores

(Newser) - Pakistan’s army took over the Swat Valley two months ago, ending Taliban control of the region—but lately, violence has swept the streets, with hundreds of bodies reportedly strewn about, the New York Times reports. The military says it’s a matter of revenge killings between locals, but human... More »

Shrinks Single Out Next PTSD: Bitterness

Over-the-top reactions to being thwarted may signal mental illness

(Newser) - Some psychiatrists believe embitterment is so common and so destructive that it should be classed as a mental illness, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sufferers are described as people who have worked hard at something like a job or relationship, only to be transformed into angry, pessimistic, brooding individuals consumed... More »

Rebel Bomb Revenge Plot Foiled in Colombia

Explosives planned for Bogota: authorities

(Newser) - The Colombian army seized nearly a ton of explosives near Bogota, foiling a bomb plot by the rebel group known as FARC, according to authorities. Military officials suspect a series of bomb attacks were planned across the capital in the next few days in retaliation for the recent high-profile rescue... More »

8 Shot in Harlem Rampage

Teens in hospital after gunman seeks revenge

(Newser) - At least seven young people are in the hospital with gunshot wounds after a shooter went on a rampage in Harlem, the New York Daily News reports. Cops believe the gunman was taking revenge after being jumped at a basketball tournament earlier in the day. The victims, all but one... More »

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