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The Drug Costs $95K. Its Maker 'Dodged' $10B in Taxes

Gilead Sciences' Hep C treatment can run $94,500

(Newser) - A pharmaceutical company that has in recent years made billions of dollars on hepatitis C treatments—the three the FDA has approved range from $75,000 to $94,500 —has been named a "price gouger" and "tax dodger" in a new report . Gilead Sciences, the sixth richest... More »

Apple Kept Billions Out of IRS' Reach: Probe

Though tax havens and subsidiaries

(Newser) - A Senate inquiry into Apple has accused the company of keeping billions out of the reach of the IRS through tax havens and a complex network of overseas subsidiaries. The company runs its non-American operations through affiliates based in Ireland, which has a low tax rate. However, investigators say many... More »

2 Stories