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Camels Busted for Botox in Pageant Scandal

At least 12 kicked out of Saudi festival

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia is holding its annual monthlong camel festival—and cheaters are not welcome. With around $60 million up for grabs in races and show competitions, unscrupulous owners have been drugging animals and even giving them Botox injections in an attempt to win camel beauty pageants, the National reports. At... More »

Organizers Sorry for 'Unacceptable' Luxury Festival Chaos

They're going to try again in the US

(Newser) - After delivering a "luxury" festival experience so bad some attendees likened it to The Lord of the Flies, the people behind the Fyre Festival have promised much better things next time around. In a statement to Billboard , festival co-owners Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule give their side of... More »

Phoenix Bans Old West-Style Shooting Game at July 4 Fest

City 'not comfortable' showing guns 'in a fun or glorified way'

(Newser) - An Arizona couple's Old West-style shooting game will not be among the activities at a July Fourth celebration in Phoenix on Monday night, the AP reports. Pete and Valerie Fowler say Prescott Pete's Highfalutin Shooting Gallery was deemed inappropriate by organizers of Fabulous Phoenix 4th. According to a... More »

Dozens Report Sexual Assaults at German Festival

More women are expected to come forward

(Newser) - Some 26 women have filed sexual assault complaints following a music festival in Darmstadt, Germany—and another 15 are expected to come forward. The 26 victims reported being "surrounded" by men who "touched and fondled" them at the Schlossgrabenfest on Saturday, reports the Evening Standard . Another 15 were... More »

Panic at Zombie Fest as Gunfire Kills One, Injures 4

Florida police are seeking public's help in finding shooter at Fort Myers' ZombiCon

(Newser) - A Florida festival celebrating the undead turned into a real-life nightmare Saturday night after a shooting left one person dead at the scene and four injured, CNN reports. As the four injured were whisked to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, police in Fort Myers began searching for a still-at-large... More »

Turkey Testicle Festival Gets Competition

Festival in suburban Chicago has an imitator in East Dundee

(Newser) - The owner of a suburban Chicago pub that has held an annual Turkey Testicle Festival for 32 years isn't testy at all that a nearby community plans to host its own celebration of the unusual dish this November. J.R. Westberg, who owns the Parkside Pub in Huntley, told... More »

'Hungry Ghosts' Roam Hong Kong

Festival involves appeasing ghosts with everything from food to iPhones

(Newser) - Countless hungry and restless ghosts are roaming Hong Kong, and the world, to visit their living descendants, at least according to Chinese convention. In traditional Chinese belief, the seventh month of the lunar year is reserved for the Hungry Ghost festival, or Yu Lan , a raucous celebration marked by feasts... More »

What the 'Largest Gathering in History' Leaves Behind

Lots of garbage, unsurprisingly

(Newser) - One would have to imagine that the aftermath of what has been described as the "largest human gathering in history" wouldn't be pretty. The Wall Street Journal today confirms that is indeed the case. It presents photos taken three weeks after the end of the 55-day Kumbh Mela,... More »

339 Dead in Cambodian Festival Stampede

Hundreds more severely injured; 'biggest tragedy' since Khmer Rouge

(Newser) - More than 330 Cambodians died today in a stampede that broke out as some 2 million gathered for a festival to celebrate the end of the rainy season, reports the AP. Prime Minister Hun Sen said the deaths at the three-day water festival was the country's "biggest tragedy" since... More »

Trannies Party 'Till Dawn in Mexican Town

Festival recognizes cross-dressing 'muxes,' crowns a queen

(Newser) - Indigenous gays and transvestites partied into the wee hours last night in a southern Mexican town, Reuters reports. The annual bash for so-called "muxes" ended today with a parade that crowned a trannie queen and celebrated the harvest, as it has done for decades. But only recently has... More »

Pearl Jam Mixes Dylan, Politics at Bonnaroo

'This has to be the time,' Vedder tells thousands

(Newser) - Pearl Jam stormed Bonnaroo's massive stage last night for a 3-hour live show that mixed B-sides and Bob Dylan covers with a heapin' helping of politics, reports Rolling Stone. The performance in front of tens of thousands was rare for grunge's supergroup, reports the AP, which has largely avoided such... More »

World's Weirdest Festivals

Oddball traditions say plenty about a culture

(Newser) - Forget museums and street markets. To truly understand a culture, travelers should take in its bizarre traditions. From fire walking to tomato hurling, Travel and Leisure looks at the world's most off-the-wall celebrations.
  • Lopburi Monkey Buffet in Thailand: Each November, Lopburi's residents lay out a feast to appease the city's
... More »

Swiss Cow Fights Are No Bull

Beefy battles are a big spectator sport in the Swiss Alps

(Newser) - In Spain, the bulls do the fighting, but the boot is on the other hoof in the Swiss Alps, Der Spiegel reports. The tough local breed of alpine cows naturally battle among themselves to become queen of the herd, and for centuries, farmers have organized cow fight tournaments. Nowadays, the... More »

At Testicle Fest, Visitors Go Nuts

Utah event showcases beer-battered Rocky Mountain Oysters

(Newser) - Attendees were urged to “have a ball” this weekend at the annual Testicle Festival in southwestern Wyoming, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The two-day event raises $30,000 for charity as it salutes cowboy traditions, offering guests the chance to munch on “Rocky Mountain Oysters”—known in... More »

Oh, Baby! Jumpers Ward Off Devil

Men dressed as demons soar over infants in festival

(Newser) - Men dressed as demons leapt over rows of placid babies in a Spanish village yesterday in a rite intended to protect them from evil spirits. During a festival marking the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi, infants lie on mattresses as long-jumpers in red-and-yellow costumes fly over them. No one was... More »

Hip-Hop Finds New Direction in SXSW

(Newser) - Move over indie-rock—Hip-hop got a big bump at South by Southwest this year. Houston's emerging hip-hop scene helped spread word within the rap community, the AP reports, and some 150 acts took the stage this year. "Honestly I didn't know too much about this," says Del the... More »

Hit the Winter Festival Circuit

Things are heating up around the globe

(Newser) - Even though it's freezing outside, you don't have to shut yourself up at home. Party on three continents at these amazing festivals, selected by Sherman's Travel:
  1. Barbados Jazz Festival, Jan. 14–20
  2. Buenos Aires Tango Festival, Feb 22-Mar 3
  3. Carnival in Rio, Feb 2–5
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Burning Man Torcher Calls It an 'Act of Love'

Festival has become 'too suburban,' says gonzo former lawyer

(Newser) - The San Francisco prankster who put an early torch to the 40-foot-tall Burning Man last week—earning himself a felony arson charge—tells the San Francisco Chronicle his stunt was a plea to put spontaneity back into the Nevada festival that culminates tonight. "This was not an act of... More »

Burning Man Torched Early

Vandal charged with arson after icon of hedonistic arts festival bursts into flames

(Newser) - A San Francisco vandal torched a giant effigy four days before it was slated to burn as part of the annual hedonistic Burning Man arts festival, according to police. The vandal was arrested for arson and possession of fireworks. Most of the 40-foot Man is still standing, and organizers are... More »

Solstice Shines at Stonehenge

Thousands gather to welcome longest day of the year

(Newser) - Spiritually inclined crowds converged on Stonehenge this morning to celebrate the summer solstice, greeting the dawn of the longest day of the year with dancing, drumming, and drinking. The mystical monument shone with floodlights and the glow of the rising sun as more than 20,000 druids, pagans, and other... More »

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