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Look Out Bitcoin, Here Comes Ethereum

New virtual currency is creating a buzz

(Newser) - Bitcoin hasn't quite soared the way many had hoped it would. Perhaps Ethereum will. The virtual currency has gained interest from IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and Microsoft "as a sort of Bitcoin 2.0," reports the New York Times . Created around 2014 by a 21-year-old college dropout, Russian-Canadian... More »

Hackers Claim Mt. Gox Sat on 'Stolen' Bitcoin

Stolen file reportedly reveals 951K-bitcoin balance

(Newser) - Hackers say the now-bankrupt Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has been less than honest about money lost in a major security lapse . Yesterday, they hacked into CEO Mark Karpeles' blog and Reddit account, announcing that the company had kept currency it claimed was stolen, Forbes reports. They said they'd hacked... More »

Key Bitcoin Exchange Basically Vanishes

Document suggests Mt. Gox, now offline, experienced major theft

(Newser) - Things have gone from bad to abysmal at Mt. Gox, long the largest and most popular Bitcoin exchange: Its CEO on Sunday resigned from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation; a day later the exchange deleted all of its tweets and went offline, displaying only a blank page, as an... More »

Big Online Shopping First: to Take Bitcoin gives digital currency a boost

(Newser) - has become the first major online retailer to accept Bitcoin, meaning users of the digital currency can now use it for one-stop shopping for everything from lawn chairs to laptops. Chief exec Patrick Byrne says he "believes in limited government, and the controversial currency "attracts me... More »

Bitcoin Plummets in China Amid Ban

Central bank: It's not a real currency

(Newser) - On Monday, China's central bank told top Chinese payment-processing firms they could no longer deal in digital currencies; two days later, the country's top Bitcoin exchange, BTC China, has now had to stop taking deposits in China's currency, the renminbi. Now, the value of bitcoin in the... More »

Now You Can Pay for Your Ticket to Space With Bitcoins

Virgin Galactic latest to accept digital currency

(Newser) - Good news, future space travelers. Now, you can pay for your flight to outer space with money from cyberspace. Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson announced Friday the company will accept bitcoins as an alternative to traditional currency—adding he has already had one customer use it to pay. Branson... More »

Illicit Online Bank Gave Account to 'Joe Bogus'

Undercover agent put address as 'Completely Made Up City, New York'

(Newser) - The folks who ran Liberty Reserve, which prosecutors say was a massive online money-laundering operation, apparently weren't all that concerned with authorities taking even a cursory look at the books. As Bloomberg reports, an undercover agent set up his account under the name of "Joe Bogus" with an... More »

7 Stories