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Cops: Guy Shoplifted ... at 'Shop With a Cop' Event

There were lots of deputies around to see what allegedly happened

(Newser) - Pro tip for would-be thieves: It's probably not a good idea to attempt shoplifting ... during a "Shop with a Cop" event. That's what police say Grant Scott Timm of Lecanto, Fla., did last Wednesday night at the city's Walmart, according to the Citrus County Chronicle . The... More »

7 Stars Who've Allegedly Shoplifted

These celebrities got caught red-handed

(Newser) - Even the most famous among us sometimes have a past: SheFinds rounds up celebrities who've been caught shoplifting. A sampling:
  • Lindsay Lohan was caught on video leaving a store wearing a $2,500 necklace she hadn't paid for—LiLo said she just borrowed it , but she ended up
... More »

Woman's Sloooow Getaway: Via Motorized Wheelchair

Shirley Mason, 46, accused of stealing motorized cart, clothes

(Newser) - A Michigan woman says she "didn't feel like walking" home after allegedly stealing $600 in clothing from Walmart, the Muskegon Chronicle reports. Shirley Mason's turtle-paced getaway on one of the store's motorized wheelchairs ended two miles down the road when police caught up with her. A... More »

Cops: Woman Shoplifts $144 Worth of Eye Shadow

And her police mugshot doesn't help her case

(Newser) - A 31-year-old woman in Fayetteville, Ark., is accused of trying to stuff $144 worth of eye shadow from a local department store into her purse, reports 40/29TV . Brandy Allen is charged with shoplifting and disorderly conduct, the latter because she became abusive when confronted by a store manager, say police.... More »

Guy Charged With Using His Kilt to ... Shoplift

Police say Daniel Ducret stuffed electronics into pouch

(Newser) - It's the ultimate mystery—what is underneath a Scot's kilt? Turns out the answer might be a purloined toy helicopter. That's what Daniel Ducret, 37, of Portland is accused of putting in his kilt, among other small items from a Fry's Electronics, reports the Oregonian . Store... More »

Woman Busted After Posting Selfie in Stolen Dress

Facebook led police to thief within hours

(Newser) - An Illinois woman who shared photos of her eye-catching new dress on Facebook was arrested after the pics caught the eye of people who knew the boutique she had allegedly stolen it from. Police say Amanda Saxton, 27, shared the photos just a few hours after stealing a distinctive leopard-pattern... More »

Shoplifting Bust Ends in Siblings Admitting to Affair

Woman allegedly admits to 'sexual relationship' with her brother

(Newser) - All Charlene Ellet wanted to do, authorities say, was shoplift at a Walmart—but her day went downhill from there. While officers detained the 25-year-old, her brother, Cameron Beck, showed up looking for her, and in his backpack deputies found a "cut pen with a crystal substance on it"... More »

Cop Buys Groceries for Mom Caught Shoplifting

Miami officer uses own money to help out family

(Newser) - The routine part of this shoplifting story out of Miami is that police stopped a woman trying to leave a supermarket with $300 worth of unpaid-for food. The not-so-routine part: Upon hearing that the accused was a mother of three in dire straits, the arresting officer went back in the... More »

Girls Stopped for Shoplifting Had Fetus in Bag: Cops

Security guard finds human remains in teen's bag

(Newser) - A security guard on the lookout for shoplifters at a Manhattan Victoria's Secret ended up making the most gruesome of finds yesterday afternoon: what appeared to be a fetus in a plastic bag, police say. The New York Daily News reports that the guard spotted two 17-year-old girls swiping... More »

Cop Beats Woman Shoplifter on Video

Iowa woman says her eyesight still hasn't recovered

(Newser) - An Iowa shoplifter is contemplating legal action after a cop beat her repeatedly about the head and face—all in view of a store video camera, NBC Chicago reports. Brandie Redell admits she was trying to steal clothing at a Von Maur Department Store in February when store personnel escorted... More »

Man Accused of Wild Theft: $2M in Toys 'R' Us Toys

It all started with 16 Harry Potter Lego sets...

(Newser) - As far as thefts go, it's massive, and as far as suspects go, he's colorful. Police say Ignatius "Michael" Pollara stole some $2 million in toys from Toys 'R' Us stores. The Orlando Sentinel dives into the alleged crime, for which Pollara faces 10 theft-related charges... More »

Accused Shoplifter Blames Name of 'Finders Keepers'

He says he thought items were for the taking

(Newser) - Ruben Pavon swears he didn't mean to steal a grill and a DVD player from the porch of a New Hampshire thrift store—he just thought the business's name, Finders Keepers, meant they were free, WCVB reports. "I'm thinking to myself, 'Finders Keepers. They probably... More »

Man Arrested After Shooting at Walmart Shoplifter

He argues suspect was trying to run him over

(Newser) - Heroism is a thankless calling. Consider the plight of Jose Martinez. He was trying to do his civic duty by stopping a shoplifter, and he got arrested for his trouble. It all started when security guards caught 42-year-old Eddie McKee allegedly shoplifting groceries from a Florida Walmart. McKee ran for... More »

Accused Thief Dies After Fight With Walmart Workers

Alleged shoplifter was placed in choke hold, police say

(Newser) - Walmart has suspended two employees and fired a contract security guard after the death of an alleged shoplifter at a store near Atlanta. Police say a "physical altercation" took place in the store's parking lot after the middle-aged man took two DVD players, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. When... More »

Police: Walmart Worker Ran Over Shopper ... on Purpose

Lance Jason Ferguson charged with assault

(Newser) - A tale of twisted employee dedication out of Texas: Walmart worker Lance Jason Ferguson has been charged with aggravated assault after police accused him of intentionally hitting a customer with his car, reports . It seems Ferguson, 33, believed the alleged victim, high school senior Dominique Mason, was shoplifting.... More »

Shoplifters Caught With $20K in Cosmetics: Police

Alleged shoplifters resold high-end beauty products

(Newser) - Police say they caught a pair of women shoplifting at a JC Penney this week in the suburbs of Washington, DC. No big deal, except the women had allegedly stuffed $20,000 in stolen beauty products into their shopping bags and car trunks, the Washington Post reports. Police accuse Darquesha... More »

'Tis the Season to ... Pinch $1.84B Worth of Stuff?

Retail theft in 4 weeks before Christmas expected to be 6% higher than 2010

(Newser) - In the four weeks before Christmas, shoppers will steal an estimated $1.84 billion in merchandise—a 6% spike over the same timeframe last year, according to a survey of retailers around the globe. The bump in shoplifting may be explained by dipping wages and high unemployment, reports the AP... More »

LiLo Washes Out of Community Service

Lindsay's been ducking the rules: TMZ

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan is screwing up again. She's been bounced from her court-ordered community service assignment for failing to follow rules, reports TMZ . She was ordered to serve 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles as probation in her shoplifting case. Lohan was supposed to show... More »

Newlyweds Shoplifted Reception Food: Cops

Cops called at 2:30 ... Arthur Phillips' and Brittany Lurch's reception was at 5:30

(Newser) - From the chapel to the clink? A Pennsylvania couple is accused of stealing $1,049.26 of food and other goods from a grocery store on Saturday afternoon—with the intention of serving said food to guests at their 5:30pm wedding reception. Arthur Phillips, 32, and Brittany Lurch, 22,... More »

Baffled Jury Acquits Guy for ‘Stealing’ 99-Cent Hot Dog

He paid for the rest of his groceries

(Newser) - The jury didn’t spend long considering the case of John Richardson, who was on trial for stealing a 99-cent hot dog. The chilling true crime tale goes like this: The Eastern Washington University student walked into a grocery store, grabbed a hot dog from the self-serve counter, and ate... More »

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