Hurricane Ivan

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Older Spill Releasing 'Small Amounts'

This one stems from Hurricane Ivan in 2004

(Newser) - A second spill in the Gulf? Sort of. Federal officials say a group of wells have been leaking "small amounts of oil" since Hurricane Ivan roared through in 2004. Ivan brought down a production platform about 10 miles off the Louisiana coast, and 26 wells have since been leaking... More »

Look for Stormy Weather

Despite slow start, hurricane season expected to be busy

(Newser) - Heavy storms are on the way, weather forecasters warn, despite a typically quiet beginning to the hurricane season. In fact, the government's top forecasting agency predicts an above-average number of storms this year—13 to 17, with 3 to 5 becoming intense hurricanes, Reuters reports. More »

2 Stories