US Botanic Garden

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World's Smelliest Flower Finally Blooms in DC

You have less than 48 hours to get a whiff of the 'corpse flower'

(Newser) - When we last reported on the titan arum, a flower known to smell like a "very dead elephant," Americans were pouring into the US Botanic Garden in DC in hopes of seeing the "corpse flower" in its stinky glory. The wait is finally over. The AP reports... More »

Thousands Gather For Whiff of Rare Stinky Flower

'Corpse flower' set to bloom in DC any day now

(Newser) - In full bloom, the titan arum, also known as the "corpse flower," smells like a "very dead elephant," according to a gardener at the US Botanic Garden in DC. So why are so many people making a pilgrimage there to get a whiff? Probably because the... More »

2 Stories