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Virginia's Ex-Governor, Wife Guilty of Corruption

Bob and Maureen McDonnell face prison time

(Newser) - Virginia's Bob McDonnell once had high political aspirations for his post-gubernatorial life. Today, though, he became the first governor in the state's history to be convicted of a felony, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . McDonnell was convicted of 11 of 13 counts of corruption and his wife, Maureen, of... More »

Virginia's Ex-First Lady Pitched Pills to Ann Romney: Testimony

Former Bob McDonnell aide: She said it could cure MS

(Newser) - As Virginia's former first couple faces trial for alleged graft , a former aide to ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell is offering some damning testimony. McDonnell's wife tried to pitch a nutritional supplement to Mitt Romney, the aide testified, and when that fell through, she pitched it to Ann Romney instead.... More »

McDonnells' Sad Defense: We Hated Each Other

Virginia's former first couple fight corruption charges by saying they barely spoke

(Newser) - Bob and Maureen McDonnell's corruption trial got under way this week, and it's yielding no dearth of grist for the mill. While it appeared financial problems drove Virginia's former first couple to accept $165,000 in loans and gifts from a donor, the McDonnells' lawyer put up... More »

Credit Card Debt Drove McDonnells: Indictment

Gory details from the allegations

(Newser) - Before Bob McDonnell was even in office, he and his wife were looking to then-Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams for gifts, according to the 43-page indictment against the couple. The document reveals that the couple had financial anxieties that may have driven their alleged graft, Politico reports. Weeks before McDonnell'... More »

Ex-Virginia Governor, Wife, Charged With Felony Graft

Bob and Maureen McDonnell face 14 counts

(Newser) - About the only upside for Bob McDonnell is that he avoided the indignity of being indicted while he was a sitting governor . Beyond that, it's pretty bleak. Federal authorities today charged the former Virginia governor and his wife, Maureen, with accepting illegal gifts from a prominent business owner, reports... More »

Virginia's McDonnell Returning the Rolex

Bob McDonnell says all controversial gifts from donor will be returned

(Newser) - Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell still says he did nothing wrong in accepting gifts and loans from a state businessman, but everything is going back anyway. McDonnell said during a radio interview today that he will return all the gifts that Jonnie Williams gave him, including a $6,500 Rolex, reports... More »

6 Stories