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Jar of Air From Stone Roses Concert Can Be Yours for $95K

'The atmosphere, anticipation, and ecstasy of 60K people singing their hearts out'

(Newser) - What's weirder than a 1970s quarter priced at $35,000 on eBay? A jar of air going for nearly $100,000. Of course, it's not just any jar of air: The sample was taken from a Stone Roses concert held Saturday in the UK, and it features "... More »

Ewww! What Stinks? London

And it's not the French, despite what the tabs say

(Newser) - London was engulfed yesterday by a smell so foul that Brits worried some giant sewer had overflowed, ABC News reports. But not to worry—the smell came from Europe, officials insisted. The Daily Mail quuickly blamed the French for "le stink," but it appeared to be caused by... More »

New Images Offer Hope at Mine

After sounds, emergency camera detects space of fresh air

(Newser) - Hours after rescuers in Utah detected noise from the collapsed mine, images from a videocamera lowered into the disaster site offered a glimmer of hope, the AP reports. Although the camera did not pick up the miners, it did film a ventilation curtain used to ensure workers have access to... More »

Calif. Town Is Nation's Smoggiest

Air above tiny Arvin is a magnet for pollutants

(Newser) - Arvin, Calif., proves that you don’t need factories or freeways to have America’s worst air pollution. The agricultural town’s mountain locale collects pollution, the AP reports, giving the air a toxic smell and raising health concerns. The EPA uses the ozone level to gauge smog across the... More »

No Sign of Trapped Miners

Air tests reveal plenty of oxygen in pierced chamber

(Newser) - A microphone lowered into a Utah coal mine cavity through a 2.5-inch hole has so far picked up no signs of life from six miners believed to be trapped there. Mine Company CEO Bob Murray cautioned against interpreting the development as bad news. He said the "good news"... More »

Some Laser Printers May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Office machines puff pollutants like smokers

(Newser) - Working near a laser printer might be as bad for you as second-hand smoke, according to a new study. Some major brands of printers emit particles of toner that can damage the lungs of people nearby—and even light concentrations can potentially cause heart and lung diseases. More »

Dallas Gas Explosion Injures 3

Truck fire ignites massive blasts; major highways shut down

(Newser) - At least three people were injured today after a stock of acetylene tanks and 18-wheelers exploded at a gas plant south of downtown Dallas, sending thick plumes of black smoke and chunks of debris flying into the air. Two people suffered burns and a third sustained a back injury; all... More »

7 Stories