Hafez Assad

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Thorn in the Side of 9 US Presidents: the Assads

Marathon negotiations with Bashar al-Assad's father were nicknamed 'bladder diplomacy'

(Newser) - The Assad family has been in power in Syria since a successful coup in 1970, the last of dozens that occurred after the country, which is wedged between Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq, had declared sovereignty from France in 1946. Since then, each of nine American presidents has tried... More »

Assad's Son, 11, May Be Taunting US on Facebook

Page apparently 'liked' by regime figures

(Newser) - Bashar al-Assad's son Hafez is only 11 years old—but he's already making some pretty bold political statements, if his supposed Facebook page is to be believed. In a post noted by Foreign Policy and the New York Times , Hafez purportedly writes, "America doesn't have soldiers,... More »

2 Stories