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Baby Rescued 4 Days After Kenya Building Collapse

Bright spot after disaster that's killed nearly two dozen so far

(Newser) - At least 23 people are reported dead after an unapproved building collapsed Friday in Nairobi, Kenya, per the Star , but the Kenya Red Cross offered a bit of hope early Tuesday. "Good news! A child aged about one and half years rescued alive at 0400 hours," the organization... More »

Stranded Hikers Spell 'HELP,' Get Rescued

Mom and daughter were in the wilderness for 5 days

(Newser) - Rachel and Carolyn Lloyd set off on what should have been a six- to eight-hour hike in New Zealand's Tararua Forest Park Tuesday, but they got lost and then Rachel, 22, got hurt. She slipped in a creek, hitting her head on a rock, and couldn't walk. Temperatures... More »

History-Making Dancer Now Has Her Own Barbie, Too

Mattel unveils Misty Copeland 'Sheroes' doll

(Newser) - Misty Copeland made history last year when she became the American Ballet Theatre's first black female principal dancer . This year, another honor: Mattel has released a Barbie doll in Copeland's likeness, MyNewsLA reports. The doll is part of the Barbie "Sheroes" line, which honors female role... More »

Mid-Flight Deja Vu: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including a boy selling lemonade for the best of reasons

(Newser) - A paramedic in the right place at the right time and a kindhearted move by a police officer were among the week's uplifting stories:
  • Firefighter Saves Plane Passenger, Again : When Austin Bleiweiss, a firefighter and paramedic, was on his way home to Florida from Puerto Rico, he was awoken
... More »

Lost Hiker Has Dog to Thank for His Survival

Marley alerted family to man lost in snowstorm

(Newser) - When John Paul Roccaforte took his two dogs outside a little after 1am on April 16 during a snowstorm, 2-year-old black Lab mix Marley wouldn't stop barking, the Arizona Republic reports. "He just wouldn’t let up. He was relentless," Roccaforte tells the Arizona Daily Sun . "... More »

Fishermen Use Friend's Ashes to Reel In Huge Fish

'It's what he would have wanted'

(Newser) - In a sweet—and maybe also a little bit weird—move, two fishermen honored a fellow fisherman who passed away by turning his ashes into bait and using it to reel in a huge carp. Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale were planning a fishing trip to Thailand with Ron Hopper,... More »

Mom Gives Birth on Plane, Names Baby After Airline

Welcome, Saw Jet Star

(Newser) - A pregnant woman went into labor on a Jetstar Asia flight from Singapore to Burma last Friday ... and named the baby after the airline, BuzzFeed reports. "We're most pleased to announce that a baby boy, named Saw Jet Star, was delivered safely onboard 3K583 by a team of... More »

Firefighter Saves Plane Passenger, Again

It's happened twice to him in 3 years

(Newser) - Austin Bleiweiss has helped to save the life of one of his fellow plane passengers not once, but twice. Most recently, the firefighter and paramedic was on his way home to Florida from Puerto Rico last Tuesday when he was awoken by a flight attendant screaming for help. A man... More »

Cop Helps Boy Get Home After Dad Dies on Vacation

Police officer traded his reward miles to get boy a flight

(Newser) - It should have been a dream father-son vacation. Instead, a 13-year-old Illinois boy was left stranded alone in California when his 37-year-old dad died unexpected Sunday, reports My News LA . Because the boy had missed his scheduled flight home amid the chaos and had no relatives in the area, officers... More »

Guy Jumps From Brooklyn Bridge, Then a Stroke of Luck

2 cops happened to see him

(Newser) - A man jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday, but he's alive because two witnesses happened to see the plunge. His luck: Those witnesses also happened to be NYPD officers on boat patrol in the New York Harbor, reports the New York Post . The 31-year-old took the 135-foot leap... More »

Cop Saves Suicidal Man in Dramatic Video

Sgt. Greg Bogert pulled back man who was about to jump from bridge

(Newser) - A New Jersey police officer's dramatic rescue of a suicidal man was caught on dashcam video Monday, NJ.com reports. Sgt. Greg Bogert, an 18-year veteran of the Riverdale Police Department, responded to calls about a man walking into traffic near the Route 287 bridge; when he arrived, the... More »

Sheepdog Hates New Job, Treks 240 Miles Back Home

Family members scratching their heads as to how Pero made the journey

(Newser) - A sheepdog sent away by its Welsh owners to work on a farm in Cumbria didn't like his new assignment and ended up back at his original home—after apparently making the 240-mile trek back on his own, the Guardian reports. Pero made a run for it on April... More »

To Help Get Himself Adopted, Kid Makes Lemonade

'I'm happy because I have a new mom who loves me'

(Newser) - Tristan Jacobson sold lemonade in front of his house Friday afternoon—a business venture undertaken by many a third-grader, but probably not for the same reason this third-grader did it. The Missouri 9-year-old was raising money to pay for his adoption, the Springfield News-Leader reports. Tristan has been living with... More »

Prom Story to Remember: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including a story about a compassionate judge

(Newser) - A judge's emotional connection with an inmate, an EMT who went above and beyond, and a teen who helped out Thor make our list of inspiring news this week:
  • After Teen's Death, Friends Wear Her Dress to Prom : When Catherine Malatesta attended her junior prom as a 16-year-old
... More »

Judge Spends Night in Jail With Troubled Vet

He didn't want man he sentenced to suffer alone

(Newser) - An Afghanistan vet sentenced to a night in jail for a probation violation found himself with an unusual cellmate for the night: the judge who sentenced him. District Court Judge Lou Olivera, who runs a special treatment court for troubled veterans in North Carolina, tells ABC 11 that while former... More »

How an Email Sent to the Wrong Person Saved a Life

'Life is brilliant'

(Newser) - A New Jersey police chief didn't let a little thing like being thousands of miles away in a different country stop him from saving a life last week, BuzzFeed reports. On the evening of April 14, chief Mitchell Stern of the Verona Police Department saw an email from a... More »

Happier Reunion for Judge Who Recognized Inmate as Classmate

Mindy Glazer showed up to cheer Arthur Booth on as he was released from jail

(Newser) - Last summer, an emotional video of a Florida burglary suspect appearing before a judge who turned out to be his middle school classmate went viral. Almost 10 months later, Arthur Booth was released from jail Tuesday—and Judge Mindy Glazer was there to wish him well and see him on... More »

Man, 87, Faints While Mowing, So EMT Finishes for Him

Man is OK, son says on Facebook

(Newser) - After an 87-year-old Sacramento man passed out while mowing the lawn Saturday, an EMT went above and beyond the call of duty, UPI reports. As the man's son, Ken Densley, explains on Facebook , his dad was fine and didn't go to the hospital—so one of the responding... More »

Touching Tribute: After Girl's Death, Friends Wear Her Dress to Prom

Catherine Malatesta died of cancer just months after May prom

(Newser) - When Catherine Malatesta attended her junior prom as a 16-year-old in May 2015, just six months after being diagnosed with a stage 4 tumor called epithelioid sarcoma, she knew she didn't have long. What the student council president and field hockey team captain didn't know was that almost... More »

Teen Who Returned Thor's Wallet Gets a Hero's Reward

'Ma, do you know who this is?'

(Newser) - A 17-year-old kid who returned Thor's missing wallet is an even bigger Boy Scout than Captain America—literally. Mashable reports actor Chris Hemsworth was eating with his family in a "rough" area of Los Angeles when he forgot his wallet. "I left my wallet on the table... More »

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