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Hungry Teen Asks for Doughnuts, Gets $270K

Chauncy Jones and his mom were living with 'nothing'

(Newser) - Matt White was grocery shopping in Memphis, Tenn., when 16-year-old Chauncy Jones asked if he could carry White's groceries to the 30-year-old's car in exchange for a pack of doughnuts. Little did Chauncy know that he was about to change his life. He told White that he had... More »

Vet Got Scammed, Then Lifted Up: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

including an angry note writer's change of heart

(Newser) - Stories about strangers helping out a scammed vet and a custodian who turned things around in a big way were among the favorites of the week:
  • Strangers Help Pearl Harbor Vet After Scam : Publishers Clearing House couldn't help Jack Holder. Bank of America, either. But nearly 1,000 regular
... More »

$65K Raised for Pearl Harbor Vet Scammed Out of Life Savings

Jack Holder says he has 1,000 thank you notes to write

(Newser) - Publishers Clearing House couldn't help Jack Holder. Bank of America said it couldn't help him, either. But nearly 1,000 regular people could, and did, donating more than $65,000 to a GoFundMe account after the 94-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor was scammed out of nearly all of his... More »

Navy Vet Gets Apology for Misogynistic Note

Rebecca Landis Hayes was shamed for parking in a veterans-only space

(Newser) - A woman shamed with an anonymous note for parking in a veterans-only space—despite herself being a veteran—has received an apology from the unnamed note-leaver, Fox News reports. Rebecca Landis Hayes came out of a North Carolina grocery store June 13 to a note on her windshield that read:... More »

Custodian Lands Dream Job After Earning Degree at 54

Michael Vaudreuil had to start over when he lost everything in 2008

(Newser) - Michael Vaudreuil first made headlines in May when the custodian received a degree in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts-based Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the very school the 54-year-old had spent the past decade cleaning. Now he's got another big announcement: a dream job with multibillion-dollar aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, where... More »

Girl Finds Stolen Gold Medal, Thinks It's a Frisbee

$500 reward should help replace her new toy

(Newser) - Six-year-old Chloe Smith was out for a walk with her dad in Atlanta on Saturday when she picked up a shiny disc from the ground and threw it like a Frisbee, reports Fox 5 . Had she known it was an Olympic gold medal, she might have thought twice. The medal,... More »

Entire Plane Offers Comfort: 5 Brilliant Stories of the Week

Including a sweet graduation ceremony

(Newser) - Two heartwarming stories about grandmothers were among the week's most uplifting:
  • Fliers React Incredibly to Orlando Victim's Grandmother : The grandmother of Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo—at 20, one of the youngest victims of the Orlando massacre—flew to Florida this week to attend his funeral. During beverage service on
... More »

Veteran Calls Out Anonymous, Misogynistic Note

'I served, did you?'

(Newser) - A veteran dropped some knowledge on an anonymous, misogynistic note-leaver who tried to shame her for parking in a veterans-only space Monday in North Carolina, Mashable reports. When Rebecca Landis Hayes finished shopping at a Harris Teeter grocery store in Concord, she returned to her car to find a note... More »

Teen in Coma for Graduation Gets Touching Ceremony

Scott Dunn was left 'speechless'

(Newser) - "I remember losing control of the vehicle, counter steering, and then nothing," Scott Dunn tells WHTM of the accident that left him in a medically induced coma for six days last month. When he awoke in a hospital, among the first words out of his mouth were, "... More »

'O Canada' Gets a Gender-Neutral Version

It's not all about the 'sons' anymore

(Newser) - Robert Stanley Weir worked up an English translation of the French "O Canada" in 1908, and it soon became the Great White North's most popular English version (and, in 1980, the national anthem). It's gone through minor tweaks since its first choruses, but a rather major one... More »

Fliers React Incredibly to Orlando Victim's Grandma

JetBlue flight attendant recounts the moving scene

(Newser) - The grandmother of Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo—at 20, one of the youngest victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre—flew to Florida on Tuesday to be with her family and attend her grandson's funeral. When JetBlue employees realized she was on their flight, and flying solo, they pulled out all... More »

Grandma Wins Internet With Politest Google Search Ever

England's May Ashworth thought there was a person at Google HQ answering queries

(Newser) - When Ben John went to his grandma's house last week to do laundry, he decided to surf the Internet on her laptop while he was waiting. What he found on the Web page she had open blew his millennial mind, the Guardian reports. "Omg opened my Nan's... More »

Cancer-Stricken Sportscaster to Work First NBA Finals

Craig Sager calls it a 'great honor'

(Newser) - A beloved NBA sideline reporter will finally get to cover the NBA finals some 34 years into his career and two years into his battle with leukemia. Craig Sager, 64, of TNT—known for donning "the brightest, most colorful suits," per the New York Post —has never... More »

How a Baby Born With His Brain Outside His Skull Was Saved

Surgeon used 3D-printed skull to practice first

(Newser) - Dustin and Sierra Yoder were pregnant with their second son when, at 22 weeks along, doctors told them their unborn baby had a hole at the top of his skull. The rare birth defect, known as encephalocele, is typically fatal; their baby's brain was growing outside his skull and... More »

A Stranger's Life-Saving Move: 5 Most Brilliant Stories of the Week

Including a sweet gesture for a fallen vet

(Newser) - A pair of life-saving moments make the list:
  • After Crash, She Held His Head Straight. It Saved Him : Brandy Gonzalez was driving from Nevada to Idaho with 4-year-old son Killian when their car smashed into another. Leah Woodward and her husband came upon the scene and stopped to help, and
... More »

Man Walks Around Without a Heart for 17 Months

A 14-pound backpack let Stan Larkin thrive while awaiting his transplant

(Newser) - Twenty-two people die every day because there aren't enough organs available for transplants, CNET reports. Stan Larkin wasn't one of them. Instead, the 25-year-old Michigan father of three spent 555 days without a heart, according to Michigan Live . And it didn't even keep him off the basketball... More »

Mother Reunites With Kidnapped Son After 21 Years

Steven Hernandez located in Mexico

(Newser) - In 1995, things were rocky between Maria Mancia and her husband, Valentin Hernandez—and one day after work, Mancia returned to their California apartment to find her husband and their 18-month-old son, Steven, gone, along with all the boy's things. Hernandez took all the photos of Steven, even an... More »

Toddler's Near-Drowning, Rescue Caught on Video

Her aunt is charged with child neglect

(Newser) - No one noticed when a 3-year-old girl wandered into a community pool in Titusville, Fla., nor when she slipped beneath the surface. Yet, miraculously, the toddler is alive. A surveillance video—it isn't clear when it was taken—shows Keyuna Jordan walk into a pool at an apartment complex... More »

Hundreds Attend Funeral of Veteran With No Family

'We serve together, so therefore we should not die alone'

(Newser) - When Army Maj. Jaspen Boothe heard about Serina Vine, she knew she had to do something. Vine, a veteran of World War II, died May 21 at age 91 with no known surviving family. Boothe learned that there were only going to be four people attending Vine's funeral service... More »

After Baby Stops Breathing, 'Hey Siri' Comes to Rescue

Aussie mom used voice-activated feature to call ambulance as she performed CPR

(Newser) - An Aussie mom recently penned a heartfelt thank-you note to Apple, and her story of how the company's "Hey Siri" feature helped save her 1-year-old daughter is now making the rounds. Per 9to5mac.com , Stacey Gleeson noticed her daughter, Giana, wasn't breathing back in March, and as... More »

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