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Woman Falls 60 Feet, Lands in a Lucky Spot

A department store's display bed, to be exact

(Newser) - There's never a good time to accidentally plunge 60 feet off a balcony, but there is sometimes a good place to land if that happens: like on a bed. That's the incredible good fortune of a 60-year-old woman who took such a plunge while in a department store... More »

Soldier Buried in Avalanche Found Alive 5 Days Later

His survival is being called a 'miracle'

(Newser) - Last Wednesday, an avalanche hit an Indian army base in Kashmir, burying 10 soldiers under 30 feet of ice and snow, the Wall Street Journal reports. Five days later, one soldier was miraculously found alive. The base—nearly 20,000 feet above sea level—was struck after a 320,000-square-foot... More »

Trooper Pulls Guy Over, Gets Huge Surprise

Michael Kesler helped deliver baby, officials say

(Newser) - An Alabama State Trooper got quite the shock when he pulled over a speeder on US 72 Sunday morning, WHNT reports. Trooper Michael Kesler found Danny Lowe behind the wheel and Lowe's wife, Shawna, on the verge of giving birth—so Kesler lent her a hand. "Without hesitation,... More »

To Reach Out to Deaf Boy, Whole Class Learns to Sign

In impoverished Bosnia, a community comes together for 6-year-old Zejd Coralic

(Newser) - When Mirzana Coralic asked the primary school in her Sarajevo neighborhood whether they would enroll her deaf son, teacher Sanela Ljumanovic volunteered. Then September came and 6-year-old Zejd was there, silently sitting on a bench, his eyes wide. No one at the school, not even Zejd, knew sign language. "... More »

Flint Plumbers Step Up: 5 Great Things This Week

Including an amazing mother-daughter reunion

(Newser) - A reunion 82 years in the making, a girl's heartbeat, and a nice move by plumbers in Flint are on the list:
  • Mother Sees Daughter for First Time in 82 Years : Lena Pierce gave birth to a daughter in 1933, but because she was only 14, authorities put the
... More »

Lost Cat Found Living in Pet Food Warehouse

'I can't believe he's so porky'

(Newser) - It turns out a cat missing for more than a year was living the high life inside a pet food warehouse, NBC News reports. "I can't believe he's so porky," the cat's owner, Tanya Irons, told the BBC after being reunited with Clive this week.... More »

Bald Eagles Make Big Comeback in Boston

And that's great news for the birds and the city

(Newser) - A symbol of America is once again flying high above one of the nation's most historic cities. “I had never seen one in my life before,” Tom Palmer tells the Boston Globe . “It’s exciting. These are American icons.” Late last month, the 60-year-old Massachusetts... More »

Mother Sees Daughter Again After 82 Years

'I’m not alone anymore'

(Newser) - New York's WBNG has the touching story of a reunion 82 years in the making. Lena Pierce gave birth to her first daughter, who she named Eva May, in 1933. But at only 14 years old, the state determined Pierce wasn't old enough to care for Eva and... More »

Ohio Ex-Cop Will Keep K9 Partner

Matt Hickey appointed auxiliary officer despite 'bad blood'

(Newser) - Retired Ohio police officer Matt Hickey will get to keep his K9 partner, Ajax , but he "escalated the situation by being disingenuous," his former boss says, per the New York Daily News . Marietta Police Chief Rodney Hupp says Hickey—who announced he would have to bid on his... More »

Mom Hears Dead Son Inside 4-Year-Old Girl

Heather Clark donated her son's heart after he died

(Newser) - The mother of a boy who died under suspicious circumstances was able to hear his heart beat again—inside the body of a 4-year-old girl. Heather Clark, who donated her son's organs after his death in 2013, visited the Phoenix family of donor recipient Jordan Drake for the emotional... More »

Inspiration in Boston: 5 Great Things This Week

Including an awesome dog adoption

(Newser) - A story about a marathon, a story about a dog, and a story about a dog in a marathon make the list:
  • Boston Marathon Survivor to Run Race : Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost most of her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, will run the marathon this year. What's
... More »

Donations Pour In to Help Ex-Cop Buy His K9 Partner

The law says he has to bid on the dog at auction

(Newser) - A retired Ohio police officer wants to purchase his longtime K9 partner, but the town says he's going to have to bid for him. Recently retired Marietta officer Matt Hickey wants to buy his partner, Ajax. He's offered to pay $3,500—Ajax's estimated value. But the... More »

Dad Films Moment Dying Teen Realizes He Survived

'I'm so happy,' says a crying Trevor Sullivan

(Newser) - "I'm so happy. I've been waiting so long. I can breathe again, and talk. I feel amazing. I've never felt so good." Those are the words uttered by a crying Trevor Sullivan as the 15-year-old was awakening from anesthesia following a successful heart transplant. A... More »

Town Welcomes Its First Baby Since 1987

Ostana in northern Italy can now claim 85 residents

(Newser) - Since the birth of baby Pablo last Friday, the hillside village of Ostana in northern Italy has rejoiced over the arrival of its 85th resident—and a remarkable arrival he is. After seeing its population drop dramatically from more than 1,000 a century ago, not a single child has... More »

Kids in Wheelchairs Get a Lego Figure of Their Very Own

'We've got genuine tears of joy right now'

(Newser) - People in wheelchairs now have something in common with astronauts, knights, and pirates: a Lego figure to call their own. NPR reports Lego will release its first figure with disabilities in a set called "Fun at the Park" this June. (The set and figure can be seen in a... More »

George Clooney Is This Rescue Dog's Hero

He adopted the dog 'no one else wanted' for his parents

(Newser) - If you didn't already love George Clooney, you might after hearing this story: The actor recently adopted a "dog no one wanted" from an Ohio animal rescue, Fox 8 Cleveland reports. As the LuvFurMutts rescue explains on Facebook , Nate the terrier was rescued out of a 22-dog hoarding... More »

Woman Who Lost Leg in Marathon Bombing Will Run This Year

Adrianne Haslet-Davis is training for April 18 race

(Newser) - Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost most of her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, will run the marathon this year. Haslet-Davis, who announced her plans Tuesday, tells Boston.com she wanted to make sure she was ready "both physically and mentally"—she was not a runner when she... More »

Panthers Owner: Entire Staff Going to Super Bowl on My Dime

Even the interns, per Jerry Richardson

(Newser) - From interns to executives, every member of the Carolina Panthers staff will be going to the Super Bowl thanks to the generosity of team owner Jerry Richardson, the Charlotte Observer reports. Per Sporting News , Richardson will pay for every full-time employee and one guest to travel to the San Francisco... More »

Blizzard Traps Woman in Her Car for 3 Days

She was rescued Monday thanks to a concerned neighbor

(Newser) - A concerned neighbor may have saved the life of a woman suffering from hypothermia and living in her car during last weekend's massive snow storm in Maryland, the AP reports. According to WJLA , the woman was trapped inside her car when it was buried by snow Friday, and she... More »

Rare White Giraffe 'Alive and Well' in Tanzania Park

But the unique animal could be at risk from poachers

(Newser) - A rare 15-month-old white giraffe has made another appearance in Tanzania, leaving conservationists to hope poachers don't decide to go all Ahab on it, the Telegraph reports. According to USA Today , the unique giraffe was spotted as a calf last year in Tarangire National Park. It was seen again... More »

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