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Snowstorm Bright Spots: 5 Most Uplifting Stories

Also: A 100-year-old woman who sees ocean for first time

(Newser) - A pair of stories amid the misery of Buffalo's crazy snowstorm are among this week's most uplifting stories:
  • Her Car Buried in Snow, Mom Writes Letters to Kids : Karen Rossi got stuck in a Buffalo snowbank while driving home from work, then got jammed in further by a
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Her Car Buried in Snow, Mom Writes Letters to Kids

Karen Rossi recounts to Buffalo News how she made it 13 hours

(Newser) - Some amazing stories are emerging in the aftermath of Buffalo's freak storm , and this one is right up there: As the Buffalo News recounts, Karen Rossi got stuck in a snowbank while driving home from work at 3am Tuesday. A plow then jammed her further into the snowbank, and... More »

Woman Has Worked for One Company for 75 Years

Alabama's Frances Moore started out polishing jewelry

(Newser) - Seventy-five years ago today, Alabama's Bromberg & Co. hired 18-year-old Frances Moore to polish silver ahead of the holiday rush. This morning, the company hosted a breakfast for its most loyal employee, who never left, reports AP . "I didn't think I'd live 75 years let alone... More »

'Miracle Baby' Born at Just 23 Weeks

Doctors in China say tiny infant's survival defies huge odds

(Newser) - They call her "chopstick girl," which provides a sense of her size: all of 11 inches long and weighing just 23 ounces. The Independent reports that a girl in southwest China has survived after being born last week at just 23 weeks. She came along after doctors had... More »

100-Year-Old Woman Sees Ocean for First Time

Tennessee's Ruby Holt watched dolphins, ate seafood along Alabama shore

(Newser) - It was during a water-gun fight at her senior living facility over the summer that Ruby Holt told bystanders she had always wanted to see the ocean, which she had never visited in her century on this planet. With the encouragement of employees at the Tennessee facility where she resides,... More »

Buffalo Bright Spot: Baby Born in Fire Station

Firefighters couldn't make it to the hospital

(Newser) - Seven people have now died as a result of Buffalo's freak snowstorm , reports AP , but little Lucy Hojnacki provides an antidote to the depressing stat. The Buffalo News recounts her amazing delivery story: When mom Bethany went into labor in their South Buffalo home yesterday morning, dad Jared had... More »

Passer-by Saves Baby From Sunken Car

Another passer-by in Maine gives the girl CPR

(Newser) - Two Good Samaritans teamed up to save the life of a baby in a submerged SUV, reports AP . The rescue unfolded in Kossuth Township, Maine, when Leo Moody spotted the flipped vehicle in about 3 feet of water in a culvert. The driver and two passengers had made it to... More »

Neo-Nazis Tricked Into Anti-Nazi Fundraiser

Town in Germany turns their march into a charity event

(Newser) - When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Or, if you're the fine citizens of Wunsiedel, Germany, when life hands you neo-Nazis marching uninvited into your town every year, you turn it to your advantage. That's exactly what fed-up residents did to deal with the 200 far-right extremists who... More »

A Special 'First Dance': 5 Most Uplifting Stories

Paraplegic surprises his wife at wedding reception

(Newser) - A determined groom and an amazing baby elephant were among the week's most uplifting stories:
  • Paraplegic Veteran Stands Up for First Dance : An Afghanistan war veteran who lost all feeling below his chest after a 2012 motorcycle accident had one wedding-day goal: to stand up for his first dance
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Dog Secretly Hitches Ride on Ambulance With Owner

Buddy jumped on the side step as it was leaving the house

(Newser) - When an ambulance in Mason County, Texas, loaded up 85-year-old rancher JR Nicholson and set off for the hospital, Nicholson's dog had no intention of being separated from his pal. As the San Angelo Standard-Times reports, the dog jumped onto the vehicle's side step. The ambulance crew didn'... More »

Woman Wakes Up in Morgue After 11 Hours

Janina Kolkiewicz then warms up with a bowl of soup

(Newser) - Another in the grand tradition of people waking up from the not-so-dead: A 91-year-old woman in Poland startled morgue workers by moving around after what the BBC reports was 11 hours in "cold storage." A doctor had declared Janina Kolkiewicz dead after the woman's niece noticed that... More »

Paraplegic Vet Surprises Bride, Stands Up for First Dance

Sgt. Joey Johnson built device that let him ditch wheelchair to dance with Michelle

(Newser) - Michelle Johnson is a wedding planner outside of Indianapolis, but she had nothing to do with the biggest surprise at her own June wedding. Sgt. Joey Johnson—an Afghanistan war veteran who lost all feeling below his chest after a 2012 motorcycle accident just four months after he met Michelle—... More »

After Man Tells Bishop He Smells, Vatican Takes Action

3 public showers to be installed

(Newser) - Pope Francis made headlines last year when he said that he would like a "poor church, and for the poor." Now, after a man declined an invitation to dine with a bishop because, the man said simply, "puzzo"—or "I smell"—the pope is... More »

Baby Elephant Survives 14-Lion Attack

Fends them off, escapes into water

(Newser) - A 1-year-old elephant wandered off from his mother at the Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp in Zambia, and 14 lions attacked him—but, somehow, this story avoids an unhappy ending. The lions were unable to take the elephant down, even as they clung to his back, and he was able... More »

Boy Survives 230-Foot Fall From Cliff

He suffered broken bones, but lived though plunge

(Newser) - A 4-year-old boy in northern California survived a plunge of nearly 250 feet off a cliff onto the ground below last night, reports CBS Local . The unidentified boy has broken bones but somehow escaped life-threatening injuries when he fell from a trail on Bodega Head in Sonoma County. As the... More »

Dog Rescued From Roof— After 3 Days

Ohio officials apparently didn't take reports seriously

(Newser) - It took Ohio firefighters about an hour over the weekend to pluck a Rottweiler off the third-story roof on which he'd been stranded—but it took three days and several calls from neighbors before officials apparently took the reports seriously, reports the Youngstown Vindicator . "It sounded like they... More »

Rescue at Sea Defies Odds

5 most uplifting stories of the week

(Newser) - A miracle rescue at sea and a hospital's over-and-above efforts for a dying patient are among the week's uplifting stories:
  • Man Saved After 2 Days at Sea : When a life jacket isn't within reach, just grab a cooler. Fisherman Solano Salazar is alive courtesy of the foam
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Woman Gets Dying Wish: Last Visit From Horse

Hospital arranges for animal to come to parking lot for last reunion

(Newser) - A 77-year-old woman in the UK died of cancer last week, but not before a memorable last wish was granted. Sheila Marsh wanted to see Bronwen, a horse she had cared for over the last 25 years, and staff at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan made it happen,... More »

Woman Raises $15K to Extract Dead Fiance's Sperm

Stephanie Lucas is one step closer to having baby with love Cameron Robinett

(Newser) - Cameron Robinett badly wanted to be a father. The 25-year-old and his fiancee, 22-year-old Stephanie Lucas, excitedly planned for a baby together and had even purchased a tiny football jersey for their future child; Robinett was checking out houses in California for the couple to move to when he was... More »

Man Saved After Days at Sea Clinging to Foam Cooler

Solano Salazar was dehydrated, but otherwise OK

(Newser) - When a life jacket isn't within reach, just grab a cooler. Fisherman Solano Salazar is alive courtesy of the foam icebox he grabbed onto as his fishing boat capsized off the coast of Colombia on Sunday, the Guardian reports. Salazar and a companion had set out from the Guapi... More »

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