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Selfless Teacher: 5 Most Uplifting Stories of the Week

Including an improbable reunion of long-lost sisters

(Newser) - An amazing sacrifice by a teacher and a sweet gesture for a bride-to-be are among the week's most uplifting stories:
  • Teacher's Kidney a Match for Her Student : First-grader Matthew Parker needs a kidney transplant, and only about 1% of the population would qualify as a matching donor. As
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Girl Kidnapped in 1997 Found by Total Coincidence

South African teen's sister noticed resemblance when they met at school

(Newser) - On Cassidy Nurse's first day of school, classmates kept approaching her and saying, "There's a girl who looks just like you." The look-alikes met, felt an instant connection, and became friends, but it turns out the kinship had deeper origins: The girl was Cassidy's long-lost... More »

NY Couple's Combined Age: 212

The husband is turning 108, the wife's 104

(Newser) - They take a lot of naps, they both need help to get around, and they don't leave the house except for doctor visits. But Duranord and Jeanne Veillard of Rockland County, NY, have retained their sense of humor over 82 years of marriage and are inseparable—which may explain... More »

Roar! World's Rarest Cat Makes a Comeback

Amur leopard has doubled its numbers, but there are still only about 65-69

(Newser) - It's what the WWF is hailing as an "amazing tale of recovery," but the numbers involved are still pretty small: The Amur leopard, dubbed the rarest cat on planet Earth, has doubled its numbers over the past seven years, but as Phys.org reports, there are now... More »

Stranger Buys Dream Dress for Bride-to-Be

Liz Jensen couldn't afford the dress she loved

(Newser) - Liz Jensen went wedding dress shopping Friday, and once she put on a particular dress, "I knew it was the one," the Utah woman says. "It had everything I wanted. It was perfect." But, at $480, it was out of her price range—Jensen, a full-time... More »

19 Manatees Saved From Fla. Storm Drain

They had probably been trying to keep warm amid cold snap

(Newser) - Rescuers working late into the night freed 19 manatees who were stuck in a storm drain in central Florida. A Satellite Beach Fire Department rep said early today that the 19 manatees are all alive and have been returned to the Indian River Lagoon System. A manatee-rescue team from the... More »

Teacher's Kidney a Match for Her Student, 6

Lindsey Painter to give Matthew Parker her kidney

(Newser) - Matthew Parker only makes it to Lindsey Painter's first-grade class two days a week, but the 6-year-old's attendance record is about to get a lot better: The teacher is giving him one of her kidneys and he will soon be able to go school full-time instead of going... More »

Cops Salute Beloved K-9 on His Way to Be Put Down

'You just dread this day,' says Maine K-9 handler

(Newser) - A beloved K-9 suffering from seizures and arthritis received a final salute and a police escort, with lights flashing, to the Maine vet clinic where he was euthanized. Dozens of officers and firefighters turned out this month to pay their respects to Sultan, a 13-year-old German shepherd who sniffed out... More »

After Plenty of Faith, Hope, Conjoined Twins Separated

Knatalye Hope, Adeline Faith Mata are 10 months old

(Newser) - Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata were born conjoined on April 11 and spent 10 months connected at the chest and abdomen—but on Tuesday at Texas Children's Hospital, the girls were successfully separated. After months of preparation, a team of more than 26 medical professionals from numerous specialties... More »

Determination: 5 Most Uplifting Stories of the Week

Including a classy move by a fast-food franchisee

(Newser) - A runner who wouldn't quit and two young kids making a difference make the list of the week's most uplifting stories:
  • Runner Crawls Her Way to Marathon Finish : Hyvon Ngetich was leading the elite women's racing group at the 23-mile mark of the Austin Marathon, but as
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Girl Agitates for Female Superheroes, Becomes One

DC Comics pays tribute to Rowan Hansen

(Newser) - An 11-year-old girl in Illinois made headlines last month when she wrote to DC Comics wondering why there weren't more female superheroes and why the ones who did exist got stuck with "not very practical" costumes. The company first answered Rowan Hansen via tweet , "Thanks, Rowan. We... More »

Burger King Franchisee Goes to Extremes to Give Bonuses

Owners had been given Corvette, Rolex by the chain

(Newser) - Consumerist picks up on a classy little move by the owners of two dozen Burger Kings in Arizona. When the chain designated Barnett Management as "franchisee of the year," it doled out a Corvette and a Rolex in thanks. Tom Barnett and the other owners then sold... More »

Blind Boy's Campaign Changing Australia's Cash

Nation will add tactile features so bills can be told apart

(Newser) - Australia is redesigning its cash and adding a tactile feature so blind people can tell the bills apart. And as the nation's ABC News reports, the pending change is largely thanks to a 13-year-old kid named Connor McLeod. He launched a campaign and online petition that gained steam and... More »

Man Proposes to Wife He Divorced 43 Years Ago

Louis Demetriades, Renate Stumpf set to walk down aisle again

(Newser) - Louis Demetriades and Renate Stumpf's marriage ended 43 years ago, but in December, they spoke again for the first time in years. Apparently the flames were rekindled, because on Valentine's Day, Demetriades drove all the way from Tennessee to a Walmart in Fort Smith, Ark., where Stumpf works... More »

Marathon Runner Crawls to Finish as Body Gives Out

Hyvon Ngetich completed the Austin Marathon through sheer will

(Newser) - Hyvon Ngetich was leading the elite women's racing group at the 23-mile mark of Sunday's Austin Marathon in Texas, but as she got closer to the finish, her body said "No more," KeyeTV reports. But the 29-year-old wasn't about to give up so close to... More »

Husband Sends Valentine's Flowers, From the Grave

Jim Golay's widow will get flowers every year for the rest of her life

(Newser) - For you guys who can't remember to get flowers on Valentine's Day, well, Jim Golay is making you look extra terrible: As ABC News reports, the man from Casper, Wyo., learned about a year ago that the brain cancer he'd fought for almost two years was inoperable,... More »

A Husband's Sweet Gesture: 5 Most Uplifting Stories

Including a loyal dog out to find its owner

(Newser) - Four decades of daily love notes and a Fashion Week milestone make the list this week:
  • Man Pens Love Note to Wife Every Day for 40 Years : For Bill Bresnan, it's not so much Valentine's Day as Valentine's Decades. He has penned a love note to his
... More »

SUV Plunges Off Bridge, Lands Upright; Women OK

Vehicle just missed landing in river in Hackensack

(Newser) - There's surviving a car accident, and then there's this: Two women are going to be fine after their SUV plunged off a New Jersey bridge and landed upright 60 feet below, reports NJ.com . Authorities say the 23-year-old driver, Elizabeth Wolthoff, swerved to avoid another vehicle on the... More »

Dog 'On a Mission' Finds Owner in Hospital

Sissy spotted wandering hospital lobby, 20 blocks from home

(Newser) - Dale Franck was worried sick. Around 1:30am Saturday, he noticed one of his and his wife's two miniature schnauzers had vanished from outside their Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home. "I kept checking everywhere, calling out, 'Sissy! Sissy!'" he tells ABC News . Hours later, he got... More »

Man Pens Love Note to Wife Every Day for 40 Years

The happy couple's advice: Put the phones down and focus on each other

(Newser) - Bill and Kirsten Bresnan are off to an early Valentine's Day start—they've been sharing holiday-themed cards since Feb. 1. But that's not even close to the whole story. Bill has penned a love note to his wife nearly every day since 1974. Bresnan tells the Asbury ... More »

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