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Guy Sends Airline a Merry Letter, Actually Gets What He Wants

Buffalo resident really wanted to see his baby niece

(Newser) - Alex Hamberger was flying the friendly skies this week to visit his infant niece several states away—a trip made friendlier after American Airlines dropped the change fee issued when he had to cancel his original flight, CNN reports. The Buffalo man has already managed to see his now-8-month-old niece,... More »

'Miraculous' Find Saves Dog Moments Before Being Put Down

Tick paralysis is super rare; Ollie had it

(Newser) - Ten-year-old Ollie was literally moments from death when his life was saved by an attentive veterinary student and a quick-thinking vet, Good Morning America reports. The sheltie had gone camping with his owner in Oregon last month only to become lethargic upon returning home. According to Fox News , Ollie couldn'... More »

Guy's Offer: Help My Girlfriend Walk, Get Free 6-Month Caribbean Vacation

Jeremie Tronet had a novel idea for how to get his girlfriend physical therapy

(Newser) - Want a free, all-expenses-paid, six-month-long trip to the Caribbean? Well, if you're a qualified physical therapist or orthopedic surgeon, you just might be in luck. Professional kite surfer Jeremie Tronet lives in the Grenadines island chain with his girlfriend, Zoe, who recently fell and broke her femur. She had... More »

Woman Survives 100-Foot Fall During Hike

Fire chief calls Amber Kohnhorst's survival miraculous

(Newser) - Amber Kohnhorst was on what was supposed to be a short hike on northwestern Arizona's Rose Cliffs Trail Friday when she fell 100 feet. Amazingly, after being stranded for almost 25 hours, she survived—though she broke her nose, crushed her pelvis, and suffered three back fractures, Fox 10... More »

No Ticket, Just Lunch: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including a charity boost from Louis CK

(Newser) - A trooper's gesture and two celebs making headlines for the right reasons make the list:
  • Panhandler Expects Ticket, Gets Lunch : Lynn Murphy, a homeless mother of four, was panhandling on a road in Fall River, Mass., when she noticed a state trooper driving toward her. She was thought she
... More »

Jon Stewart Adopts Pony Hit With 125 Paintballs

Abused animal was dumped at Pa. stables

(Newser) - An abused pony that was hit with more than 125 paintballs at close range has a new home thanks to Jon Stewart. The former Daily Show host and his wife, animal advocate Tracey MacShane, have agreed to adopt Lily, who was starving and half blind when she was abandoned at... More »

Louis CK's Jeopardy! Win Elevates Obscure Charity

Comedian donates $50K to Fistula Foundation

(Newser) - A little-known women's charity based in California had a welcome problem this week: The website of the Fistula Foundation crashed because of an influx of visitors, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . The reason? Louis CK played on behalf of the group in a celebrity Jeopardy! match that aired Wednesday... More »

Dog Rescued After Living on Freeway Median for 5 Weeks

Freeway Frida is one impressive German shepherd

(Newser) - Against all odds, the story of a dog stuck on the median of a California freeway for weeks got a happy ending last weekend. BuzzFeed reports someone called the Galt Police Department April 10 after seeing a German shepherd fall off the back of a pickup truck on Highway 99... More »

Panhandler Expects Ticket, Gets Lunch

Passerby snaps a photo

(Newser) - Lynn Murphy, a homeless mother of four, was panhandling on a road in Fall River, Mass., when she noticed a state trooper driving toward her. She was thought she was going to get a citation. Instead, she got lunch, ABC News reports. Trooper Luke Bonin, in plainclothes as he returned... More »

Dad Leaves Baby in Running Car, Car Gets Stolen

3-month-old found safe on a Detroit porch

(Newser) - A Detroit dad is lucky to have his infant back after he made a stop at a convenience store early Monday and left the baby in the car, engine running and doors unlocked, while he ran inside, the Detroit Free Press reports. When he came back out around 1am, his... More »

Pizza Love Saves a Life: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including the birth of a daughter to once-devastated parents

(Newser) - An awesome move by a pizza shop and an extra-special baby girl were among the more uplifting stories of the week:
  • Domino's Staff Saves a Loyal Customer : Kirk Alexander has ordered from Domino's Pizza in Salem, Oregon, "every day, every other day," for at least seven
... More »

With 3 Seconds Until Impact, Train Driver Plays the Hero

He ran through train to warn passengers

(Newser) - A train operator had just three seconds to react when he noticed his passenger train was about to crash into a truck partially blocking the track ahead near Wagrowiec, Poland. He apparently used the time wisely: In what is being called a heroic move, security footage shows the driver sprinting... More »

Couple Who Lost 3 Kids in Plane Crash Welcome an 'Amazing Gift'

A new daughter brings 'light to our darkness'

(Newser) - An Australian couple who described living "in a hell beyond hell" after their three children were killed in a 2014 plane crash welcomed an "amazing gift" this week: a brand-new daughter, the Guardian reports. When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was brought down by an anti-aircraft missile over the... More »

Swimmer Gives Prince Harry Gold Medal, With a Request

She wants it delivered to hospital staff who saved her life

(Newser) - Prince Harry handed Team USA swimmer Elizabeth Marks her fourth gold medal at the Invictus Games for wounded soldiers on Wednesday. Seconds later, she handed it back—with a request to deliver it to a UK hospital. Marks was in London ahead of the 2014 Invictus Games when the 25-year-old... More »

Daily Domino's Customer Saved After 11-Day Silence

Kirk Alexander had apparently suffered a stroke

(Newser) - Kirk Alexander has ordered from Domino's Pizza in Salem, Ore., "every day, every other day," for at least seven years. Now his Domino's family is credited with saving his life. "A few of my drivers had mentioned that we hadn't seen his order come... More »

Pilot Flies Animals Away From Canada Fire, Despite Rules

An uplifting story out of the Fort McMurray devastation

(Newser) - Out of the wildfire devastating Canada's Fort McMurray , a heartwarming story: Keith Mann, a pilot with Suncor Energy, bent the rules in order to help out some of the town's animal residents. Mann has used his plane to help about 6,000 people get from camps north of... More »

Teacher's Amazing 'Homework' Assignment Goes Viral

Ride a bike, read a book—but don't study for longer than an hour

(Newser) - Students in the UK are taking their standardized tests this week, and one teacher's "homework" assignment in advance of the testing is going viral, Mashable reports. "It is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely," reads the piece of paper handed out last week,... More »

A Surprise After Surgery: 5 Brilliant Stories This Week

Including restored vision and an awesome yearbook photo

(Newser) - A happy side effect of surgery and a son's kept promise were among the more uplifting stories of the week:
  • An Accident Took Her Sight. Another Gave It Back : After a car accident injured her spine in 1995, Mary Ann Franco lost her vision. But after being blind for
... More »

An Accident Took Her Sight. Another Just Gave It Back

Even Mary Ann Franco's surgeon can't exactly explain what happened

(Newser) - After a car accident injured her spine in 1995, Mary Ann Franco lost her vision. But after being blind for 21 years, the Florida woman fell in her home and hurt her neck ... and woke up from the ensuing spinal surgery on April 6 with the ability to see. "... More »

1st Grader Wins Handwriting Contest Despite Lack of Hands

'Anaya is a remarkable young lady'

(Newser) - A first-grader from Chesapeake, Virginia, won a national handwriting award this week—no small feat considering she was born without hands. "We looked at her writing and were just stunned to see how well her handwriting was," the competition's director tells ABC News . CNN reports 7-year-old Anaya... More »

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