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Restaurant's Class Act: 5 Most Uplifting Stories

Also: an unusual mother-daughter reunion

(Newser) - A pair of memorable messages highlight the week's most uplifting stories:
  • Restaurant Owner's Reply to Dumpster Diver Is Praised : When Ashley Jiron realized someone had been going through her recently opened Oklahoma eatery's trash in search of food, the owner of P.B. Jams reacted in unique
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Florida Orphan Finally Finds His Home

Longtime caseworker is adopting Davion Only

(Newser) - This time, the happy ending looks like a permanent one: A Florida orphan who became an Internet sensation is being adopted by his longtime caseworker, reports ABC News . Davion Only first made a splash in 2013 when, as a 15-year-old, he made an emotional pitch for a family. After an... More »

Woman on Hunt for Birth Mom Finds Her at Work

La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark used Facebook to make her discovery

(Newser) - When Ohio's health department released birth records last month for those adopted over a period of more than three decades, a spokesman called it a chance for people to "possibly reconnect with some siblings or their birth parents," WYTV reported at the time. For one Youngstown woman,... More »

Mysterious Man Pulls Driver From Wreck, Vanishes

'He said he had to go, and he left'

(Newser) - Being a Good Samaritan isn't always a good life move , which might be why one man in Idaho man simply disappeared after his good deed: As the Lewiston Tribune reports, 23-year-old driver Mathew Sitko suffered what police are calling "some type of mental episode" yesterday morning when his... More »

Astronaut Can See Daughter's Love— From Space

Thanks to a little help from Hyundai

(Newser) - A 13-year-old girl has managed to send a message to her dad ... one that he could see from space. Sure, it's a publicity stunt executed by Hyundai, but it's heartwarming nonetheless. The automaker put 11 Genesis sedans and stunt drivers to work in Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake,... More »

Hero of Va. Tech Massacre Receives Highest Honor

Air Force Cadet Matthew La Porte died charging shooter Seung Hui Cho

(Newser) - On April 16, 2007, Matthew La Porte was in his French class at Virginia Tech as Seung Hui Cho attempted to force his way inside, armed. La Porte's teacher told the students to hide at the back of the classroom, but La Porte, a 20-year-old Air Force cadet, ran... More »

Entrepreneur Reads Study, Will Pay All Workers $70K

Dan Price wants his employees to be as happy as possible

(Newser) - A number of studies have been done to determine exactly how much income we need to reach our happiness peak, and Dan Price read one that pegged the magic number at about $70,000 per year. But Price, the owner of a credit-card payment processing company, didn't just read... More »

Restaurant Owner's Reply to Dumpster Diver Is Praised

Ashley Jiron's kind gesture wins notice

(Newser) - "It hurt me that someone had to do that." That was Ashley Jiron's reaction to realizing someone had been going through her recently opened Oklahoma eatery's trash in search of food. The owner of P.B. Jams tells KFOR that earlier this month while taking out... More »

Mother-Daughter Bonds: 5 Most Uplifting Stories

Include a "miracle" rescue of a lost boy.

(Newser) - A pair of mother-and-daughter reunions highlight the week's uplifting news files:
  • Woman Wakes From Coma, Sees Her Baby : Sharista Giles opened her eyes on Wednesday, four months after she went into a coma following a December car accident. One of the first things she saw: a picture of the
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Mom Meets Daughter She Was Told Died 50 Years Ago

76-year-old Zella Jackson Price says Melanie Gilmore was taken right after birth

(Newser) - On November 25, 1965, Zella Jackson Price gave birth to a baby girl at Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis, her granddaughter says. What allegedly happened in the hours after that is both confusing and dreadful: Price, a gospel singer, says she was told by a nurse the baby... More »

Cat Survives Power Pole Shock, 25-Foot Fall

Liam is banged up but will survive

(Newser) - The owner of a 17-pound Siamese cat named Liam says he has nearly used up his nine lives after getting shocked on a power pole in Oregon and falling 25 feet. Jennifer Kagay tells the Grants Pass Daily Courier that she and her husband were lying in bed early Tuesday... More »

Woman Wakes From Coma, Is Told She Had Baby

Baby's picture was one of the first things Sharista Giles saw

(Newser) - Sharista Giles opened her eyes on Wednesday, four months after she went into a coma following a December car accident. One of the first things she saw: a picture of the baby she delivered in January. Giles, then five months pregnant, was on her way home from a concert in... More »

4-Year-Old's Big Find in Texas: a Dinosaur

Wylie Brys discovered what may be a 100M-year-old nodosaur

(Newser) - Imagine being a 4-year-old boy who loves dinosaurs, digging in the dirt, and spending time with your dad. For Wylie Brys, those three passions intertwined for the best day ever last September when he made an astounding discovery behind a shopping center in Mansfield, Texas: the fossil of what scientists... More »

5 Days After Boy Wanders Off, a 'Miracle'

Luke Shambrook, 11, survived 4 days and nights in the Australian bush

(Newser) - In what some are calling a "miracle," an 11-year-old autistic boy has been found safe five days after wandering away from the Australian campground where his family was staying. Dozens of volunteers, including fellow vacationers, joined the search for Luke Shambrook after he vanished Friday from the Candlebark... More »

Why a Bison's Birth Is a Remarkable One

First to be born in wild east of the Mississippi in 200 years

(Newser) - For the first time since Abraham Lincoln was a young man, there are wild bison in Illinois, and ecologists were thrilled to welcome a new calf this week. The baby bison was born at the Nachusa Grasslands prairie restoration preserve just 95 miles west of Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune... More »

Longshot Request Pays Off: 5 Most Uplifting Stories

Including a calendar to remember

(Newser) - Whatever the opposite of road rage is called, a story out of Maine seems to have captured it. That and other uplifting stories of the week:
  • Woman Finds Kidney Donor—via Plea on Car Window : It's not everyone who appeals to strangers they pass on the road to give
... More »

Thanks, Obama: Mom Stuck in His Traffic Has Baby

Mother, son, president all fine

(Newser) - President Obama visited Louisville, Kentucky, yesterday, which resulted in the usual presidential traffic jam. In this case, it was I-65 that turned into gridlock, the same route that an expectant woman and her husband were taking, reports Wave3 . Police took a call about 5:15pm from the husband explaining that... More »

Quadruple Amputee Dog Can Walk Again

Brutus lost paws to frostbite, then supporters rallied

(Newser) - He's not exactly a whirlwind yet, but give him time. A 2-year-old Rottweiler in Colorado is a quadruple amputee now adjusting to four brand-new feet, reports Fox 31 . After Brutus lost all his paws to frostbite, his breeder cut them off, leaving the dog unable to get around. He... More »

Oops: Price Is Right Model Gives Away Car

Contestant was supposed to guess the right price, didn't have to

(Newser) - Your last work mistake probably wasn't quite as costly as Manuela Arbelaez's: The Price Is Right model made a $21,960 error on yesterday's show. A contestant named Andrea was trying to guess the price of a Hyundai Sonata SE ... but before she could, Arbelaez, a six-year... More »

Woman's Spirited Obituary: 'Too Late for Questions, Sorry'

Florida's Emily Phillips touches readers with humorous self-penned death notice

(Newser) - A couple of weeks before she died of pancreatic cancer, Emily Phillips gathered her family around to read them something special: the obituary she had written for herself. "It was one of the most special moments of my life to hear my mother tell her life story in her... More »

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