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One Take on Djibouti: 'World War III Will Start Here'

A look at the country, home to more foreign militaries than anywhere in the world

(Newser) - The US has a single full-scale military base in all of Africa: It's in Djibouti, and we have more than a few neighbors there. Politico takes a look at the small country in the Horn of Africa (it's the size of New Hampshire ) and the continually expanding... More »

Military's Djibouti Base an Accident Waiting to Happen

Air traffic controllers sleep on the job, are hostile to Americans

(Newser) - US military pilots flying missions over Yemen and Somalia are regularly put in danger—by air traffic controllers, according to documents obtained by the Washington Post . The papers show the military's counterterrorism base at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, the only permanent US base in Africa, is powered by air... More »

Djibouti Kicks US Drones Out of Main Airport

Move follows several accidents, could hurt hunt for al-Shabab

(Newser) - It might have just gotten a little tougher for the US military to keep an eye on al-Shabab, the terrorist group behind the mall attack in Nairobi . The African nation of Djibouti has forced the US to remove a fleet of drones from a major military camp in the country,... More »

3 Stories