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Low-Level Crime Pays Pretty Well

Criminals make double the average made legally by high school dropouts

(Newser) - Crime not only pays, it pays relatively well—about $900 per week. So say researchers who compared past surveys of nonviolent, low-level criminals to come up with the best guess on their illegal earnings. Such a figure isn't easy to reach since criminals aren't keen to report illegal... More »

For 3 Years, Addicts Have Been Shooting Up at Secret US Site

The illegal location is all part of a 'harm reduction' strategy to help reduce OD deaths

(Newser) - Only a select few know where it is, but many more—including members of law enforcement—would like in on the secret. That secret, per the Washington Post , is a nonprofit's facility "somewhere in a US city" that for the past three years has been illegally serving as... More »

In Legal Gray Zone, Europeans Harvest Body Parts for US

Ukrainian company accused of gutting bodies illegally

(Newser) - A billion-dollar business of shipping body parts from Germany to the US is booming and may be illegal, Der Spiegel reports. The body harvesting is done in the Ukraine, where authorities are investigating allegations that a company has used coercion and fraud to obtain family permission to harvest bodies. The... More »

Minn. Asks ISPs to Block Gambling Sites

(Newser) - Minnesota wants Internet providers who serve customers in the state to block access to Internet gambling sites, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Officials say the practice is illegal in the state, but how prevalent it is is unclear. “It's hard to know that," a gambling regulator said. “... More »

Cheap, Deadly Beauty Fix On the Rise

Doctors report spike in illegal injections of silicone

(Newser) - Illegal and potentially fatal silicone injections—a cheaper way to plump up the body than cosmetic surgery—are on the rise, the New York Times reports. The underground treatment, usually administered at home or at "pumping parties," has spread among Latinas and transgender women attracted by the... More »

Trucks Pack on Illegal Pounds

Light penalties, costly gas make cheating attractive; roads and bridges take beating

(Newser) - More American truckers are carrying illegally heavy loads, looking to offset diminished manpower and skyrocketing fuel prices—and light fines encourage cheating, the Christian Science Monitor reports. With road damage at issue following August's Minnesota bridge collapse, 30% of trucks are reportedly overloaded—and each of the 8 million tractor-trailers... More »

CIA Set to Let Skeletons Out of Closet

Agency prepares to declassify docs showing decades of abuses

(Newser) - The CIA is about to release secret records of its illegal activities from the '50s to the '70s, reports the Washington Post. Known as the "family jewels," the long-sought documents detail assassination attempts, kidnappings, wiretaps, drug tests on civilians, monitoring of journalists (including muckraking columnist Jack Anderson), and... More »

7 Stories