Ross William Ulbricht

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'Dread Pirate Roberts' Will Spend Rest of His Days in Prison

Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht loses appeal of his life sentence

(Newser) - A three-judge panel says it "might not have imposed" a life sentence on Ross Ulbricht, who ran a drug-peddling website on the dark web, but that's no reason to overturn it. The appellate court on Wednesday found Ulbricht's sentence of life in prison without parole for drug... More »

Judge Shows No Mercy to Creator of Underground Site

Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road gets life sentence

(Newser) - If the judge were feeling lenient, she could have given Ross Ulbricht a 20-year sentence. Instead, she delivered a life term to the 31-year-old founder of Silk Road , a now-shuttered underground website that allowed people to buy drugs anonymously with Bitcoins. "It was a carefully planned life's work,... More »

Silk Road Boss Found Guilty

Ross William Ulbricht faces life in prison

(Newser) - Ross William Ulbricht was swiftly convicted today of creating and operating an underground website that prosecutors said enabled drug dealers around the world to reach customers they would never find on the street. The jury's verdict in federal court in Manhattan came after little more than three hours of... More »

What to Expect in 'Dread Pirate Roberts' Trial

Silk Road jurors will hear about murder plots, libertarianism

(Newser) - The trial of alleged Silk Road drug market mastermind Ross Ulbricht begins soon, and it's expected to shine a spotlight on some of the darkest corners of the Internet. Jury selection begins tomorrow for the New York City trial of the 30-year-old, who prosecutors say was the shadowy "... More »

Is the Dread Pirate Roberts Really Ross Ulbricht?

David Segal delves into the case of the alleged Silk Road mastermind

(Newser) - Oct. 1, 2013, brought the news that the FBI had taken down Silk Road, and with it the online drug marketplace's alleged mastermind, "Dread Pirate Roberts"—a man the FBI claims is actually Ross Ulbricht, an "ordinary nerd" who allegedly ordered hits to protect his operation.... More »

For Users of 'Silk Road' Drug Site, It's Time to Worry

More arrests have followed that of its alleged founder

(Newser) - It's the last thing users of the now-shuttered Silk Road website wanted to hear about: more drug-related arrests. Last week, authorities in San Francisco nabbed the site's alleged leader , Ross Ulbricht. Now it appears that the investigation won't stop there. Eight more alleged drug dealers who used... More »

Alleged Online Drug Kingpin Was 'Ordinary Nerd'

He was busted in sci-fi section of library

(Newser) - Alleged Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht was no ordinary drug boss—he paid $1,000 a month for a San Francisco apartment he shared with two roommates, used an alias from the Princess Bride, and was arrested in the sci-fi section of his public library. But the FBI says the... More »

FBI Takes Down Silk Road, Alleged Internet Drug Market

'Dread Pirate Roberts' faces a slew of charges

(Newser) - The FBI has pulled the plug at least temporarily on a website accused of serving as a sort of for illegal drugs, reports the Verge . Undercover agents reportedly made dozens of purchases on the Silk Road website since late 2011, and the FBI today announced the arrest of... More »

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