Cyclone Phailin

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Walloped By Cyclone, India Dodges Bullet

Mass evacuations translate to very low death toll in massive storm

(Newser) - Cyclone Phailin plowed into India yesterday as the strongest storm in some 14 years, destroying millions of dollars in infrastructure, crops, and homes, but the nation escaped a heavy human toll thanks to aggressive evacuations that affected close to 1 million people, reports Reuters . Various outlets have the death toll... More »

Here It Comes: Massive Cyclone Arrives in India

Half-million evacuate path of Phailin

(Newser) - A massive, powerful cyclone was hammering India's eastern coastline with heavy rains and destructive winds today, as hundreds of thousands of people living in the region moved inland and took shelter, hoping to ride out the dangerous storm. Roads were all but empty as high waves lashed the coastline... More »

2 Stories