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Gawker Just Got Its Own Billionaire Backer in Hulk Hogan Trial

Hogan vs. Gawker is essentially now PayPal vs. eBay

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan's ongoing lawsuit against Gawker is starting to look a lot like a game of Rock'em Sock'em Robots with two tech billionaires at the controls. On Thursday, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel admitted to secretly funding Hogan's lawsuit to the tune of $10 million. Reuters reports... More »

eBay's First Sale Was a Broken Item

The e-commerce giant celebrates 20 years

(Newser) - "AuctionWeb" came into being over the Labor Day weekend that occurred precisely two decades ago, and Time uses the anniversary to look back at the very first transaction that occurred on what came to be known as eBay. It pulls the detail from the book The Perfect Store: Inside ... More »

Greenwald Quits Guardian to Start News Site

Glenn Greenwald says it's a 'dream journalistic opportunity'

(Newser) - Glenn Greenwald , the journalist who made the UK's Guardian a must-read in America by breaking major NSA scoops, is leaving the paper for a new media organization. Greenwald says he had not intended to announce his departure just yet, but the news was revealed by BuzzFeed yesterday. "... More »

3 Stories