Boynton Beach

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His Blood-Stained Boat Was Found. But He Wasn't Dead

Richard Ohrn faked his disappearance last March: cops

(Newser) - When police officers boarded a rented fishing boat adrift off Florida's Boynton Beach on March 31 of last year, they probably feared the worst. There was "what appeared to be smeared blood in various locations on the boat," which had been rented by banker Richard Ohrn, along... More »

79-Year-Old Shot Dead Hours Before Retirement

Family members were waiting at home to celebrate

(Newser) - A robbery a month ago at the Liquor Market in Boynton Beach, Fla., helped Ali Arezoumandifar's family convince him it was finally time to retire. The 79-year-old liquor store clerk had chased after a man in a black mask who stole $300 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets on Oct.... More »

Woman Asked Us to Help Kill Her Husband: Cops

Then offered an undercover officer $30K and a shotgun to do the deed

(Newser) - Pro tip: When looking for a hit man, don't ask cops to hook you up. A woman in Boynton Beach, Fla., has been arrested after police say she hired an undercover agent posing as a hit man to kill her husband and a friend, the Palm Beach Post reports.... More »

3 Stories