Crater of Diamonds State Park

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Woman Finds 'Esperanza' Diamond in Arkansas Park

It's 8.52 carats

(Newser) - Crater of Diamonds State Park has lived up to its name once again, in a pretty big way. Park officials yesterday announced that the fifth largest diamond ever found by a visitor to the Murfreesboro, Arkansas, park was found on Wednesday. Bobbie Oskarson of Longmont, Colorado, uncovered an 8.52-carat... More »

Woman Finds 'Hallelujah' Diamond in Arkansas Park

Lucky visitor Susie Clark said a little prayer before her find

(Newser) - Usually people go to state parks in search of a trail, vista, or barbecue. Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park has a slightly glitzier reputation, and the latest lucky visitor is a woman who says she asked God last Thursday, "Are you going to bless me and let me... More »

Guy Finds 6-Carat Diamond at State Park

Says he'll sell it, give money to charity

(Newser) - An Arkansas man is the latest to find a large diamond at the state's Crater of Diamonds State Park. David Anderson reportedly moved to Murfreesboro, where the park is located, so he could constantly search for diamonds, and he got lucky Monday with a 6.19-carat find. He's... More »

Man Finds 2.89-Carat Diamond at State Park

He can keep the sparkler from Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas

(Newser) - A Louisiana man's diamond find has just about every married guy out there wondering why in the world they spend so much money on their wives at jewelry stores: Brandon Kalenda found a 2.89-carat sparkler after just 20 minutes of searching at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park... More »

Teen Goes Digging, Finds Jellybean-Sized Diamond

Tana Clymer found canary stone at Crater of Diamonds State Park

(Newser) - A teenage girl got quite a souvenir on a recent trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas: a canary diamond that KWTV says is about the size of a jellybean—ie, "huge." Fourteen-year-old Tana Clymer of Oklahoma City was digging in the park with her family... More »

5 Stories