Mike Duggan

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JPMorgan Sinking $100M in Detroit Renewal

Effort aims to improve housing, offer job training

(Newser) - JPMorgan is moving to help a bankrupt city get back on its feet. The bank is putting $100 million, divided between loans and grants, toward Detroit's revitalization, the New York Times reports. The money is intended to help the city with an array of projects, including housing improvements, the... More »

Broke, Fed-Up Detroit Elects 'Turnaround Expert' Mayor

Tough fight ahead for Mike Duggan

(Newser) - "What we have in common is much more powerful than what divides us," Mike Duggan said last night after being elected as Detroit's new mayor. Duggan—a former hospital chief who will be the predominately black city's first white mayor in 40 years—beat Wayne County... More »

2 Stories